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A Mountain Momma is an online community of moms where we empower each other and celebrate motherhood.

A Mountain Momma welcomes new writers who have a passion for writing. We have various categories on our website including:

Business Women

Food & Drinks

Health and Beauty

Home Improvement

Kids and Babies


Money Saving



If you are interested in writing for us, please follow these steps below. And don’t forget to include “ A Mountain Momma” in the title of your email when you submit your article.

Please have a look and decide which category suits your writing.

We recommend writing articles within 700-1500 words range so make sure your article fulfills this word count.

Before you submit, please include these details:

  1. Your name and your email address
  2. Your blog or your website details
  3. A short introduction about yourself and your blog.
  4. Please let us know if the content is published anywhere else or not.
  5. Attach at-least one image 645×430 (With Attribution or Link)

Proofread your article before sending and make sure it is free of errors and grammatical mistakes. So that your chances of getting published can be increased.

A Mountain Momma has all rights to choose any article to publish on our blog. If any article does not fulfill all the requirements, we have the right to reject it without notice.

We try our best to respond to all submissions but due to the overwhelming number of submissions, you may not get a response or a delayed response. We hope you understand that!

How to write a perfect article to publish on A Mountain Momma Blog.

Here are a few guidelines for creating a perfect article that we can’t say no to!

Always write from your heart. Readers can always tell if an article is written from the heart or written just for the sake of reviews. Share your emotions and be honest. Don’t copy anybody and be genuine to yourself. You will find the connection with your readers if you write straight from your heart.

Please keep your article within the recommended word limit that is 700-1500 words.

After your article is published, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family so that they can read your words.

Please note that after submitting your article to A Mountain Momma, you will not be able to use that article for publishing anywhere else. However, you can ask for permission from A Mountain Momma.

For Guest Post Submission or any other inquiry please Email us at: amountainmommablog@gmail.com

Happy writing!