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Have you ever gone to a hair salon with a photo of your favorite celebrity and asked for her exact haircut? In the end, you came away disappointed with the performance because the result, which seemed so fashionable in the photo, suits you less well than you had hoped… We can reassure you that you are not the only one to have experienced this disappointment.

It’s not just because Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have the best hairdressing teams in the world at their disposal that their hairstyles look so good on them and that same women’s hairstyle doesn’t look so good on you.

No, in fact, it’s probably because the hairstyle you chose, which suits their face shape, just doesn’t suit yours.

In effect, some haircuts look much better on some face types than on others.

So there’s nothing wrong with checking out your face shape and angles to make sure you’re choosing the best hairstyle for women that suits your unique facial features. We’re here to help you find the best hairstyles for your face shape, so you can not only find a hairstyle you really like but also match your face perfectly.

Determine your face shape

At this point, you might be wondering, “What is my face shape, by the way? The most common mistake most people

make when trying to figure out their face shape is thinking their face is just round.

If we asked you to draw a picture of your face, the shape of the head would probably be round or oval. Yet there are many more face shapes than these two.

When determining your face shape, you need to look at your hairline, the width and length of your face, and the jawline.

The easiest way to tell what face shape you have is to pull your hair back, grab some eyeliner or lip liner, look in the mirror, and trace the outline of your face. We assure you that you will be surprised by the result!

Your face shape should fit into one of the following categories: long face, an oval face, square face, round face, heart-shaped face, and diamond-shaped face. Here is a summary of the different face shapes and the types of women’s hairstyles that best suit them:

Women’s hairstyle for an oval face shape

Women's hairstyle for an oval face shape
Image Source: Pinterest

A face shape is considered oval if the height is longer than the width, and the jawline is only slightly narrower than the hairline, which is slightly rounded.

An oval face shape does not have a very sharp point or angle.

Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid are celebrities you can recognize with oval faces.

If you have an oval face shape, you’re in luck! This face shape is considered the most versatile for women’s hairstyles because its balance and proportions allow it to adapt to many different cuts, lengths, and textures, so feel free to experiment with different types of women’s hairstyles.

The best hairstyles for oval faces:

When choosing the right hairstyle for your oval face, the main objective is to avoid elongating your face whose height is already longer than the width.

To compensate for the height of your face, you can try a bob cut, which is perfect for oval faces.

Try an unstructured square that can fall to the shoulders. Aiming for the shoulders is a good strategy because the cut stays long enough to appeal to women who don’t want short hair while still being measured enough not to accentuate the length of your face.

The unstructured bob is also an easy cut to maintain and style on a daily basis, which will make your life easier in the morning before going to the office.

Otherwise, choose a mid-length cut with ombré hair or a balayage to add visual volume to your hairstyle and thus compensate for the length of your face.

If you want to keep your hair long, then bangs can help make all the difference. For example, try side bangs, which are perfect for oval faces because they help reduce the impression of length in the face and achieve a balancing effect without having to cut your hair as frequently as straight bangs do. ‘maintain.

Straightened hair, for example with Brazilian straightening, Malaysian straightening is also an ideal type of women’s hairstyle for oval-shaped faces because you do not necessarily need waves to soften the angles of the face as with a square face example. This is also the reason why we see many celebrities with oval faces with splendid Brazilian, Malaysian or Japanese smoothing, like Bella Hadid or Kim Kardashian.

Finally, tied hair is a last excellent option for an oval-shaped face, for example with braids or a ponytail (you will have noticed, again, women’s hairstyles that can be found in many photos of Bella Hadid).

In effect, The best hairstyles for oval faces are ones that keep your hair, or at least part of your hair, away from your face, exposing your balanced features.

If your hair is loose or wavy then make sure it doesn’t hide your face too much, for example, try having one or both sides of your hair tucked behind your ear to show off your cheekbones.

To remember: So remember that you must highlight the balance of your face by preventing your hair from hiding your cheekbones that you should not accentuate the impression of vertical length. Avoid too long hair. A shoulder length is perfect, with straight hair, tied up or in an unstructured bob. Finally, if you absolutely insist on longer hair, a fringe on the side can compensate for the oval shape of your face.

Hairstyles to avoid for oval faces:

If you are looking for the ideal woman hairstyle for an oval face, you must keep the face as bright as possible. Avoid very bulky and heavy bangs.

Finally, avoid hairstyles that are too long because it could make your face even longer and not highlight it enough.

Women’s hairstyle for a square face shape

Women's hairstyle for a square face shape
Image Source: Pinterest

Woman hairstyle for a square face

Square faces are the same size in width and length, so the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost in line.

The strong jawline is an important characteristic of square-shaped faces, like on Hailey Baldwin, Gwyneth Paltrow, or Olivia Wilde.

The whole game is then to refine the jaw with the most suitable haircut.

Best hairstyles for square faces:

When choosing a woman’s hairstyle for a square face shape, you can choose either to accentuate and highlight the angles of your face or on the contrary to soften the angles of your jawline.

If you want to highlight the square shape of your face, opt for a tapered fringe a very short square to assume and highlight your jawline.

If you want to soften the angles of your face instead, try soft, wispy bangs that fall to the sides in curtain bangs to create diagonal lines and soften the natural lines of your face.

Example of a female hairstyle for a square face

If you like to wear your hair straight and long then try adding some loose curls or waves that start a few inches from the ends to draw the eye downwards and add length to your face.

If you want bangs with long hair then curtain bangs will again be perfect because they will add diagonal lines that will break up the square side of your jawline.

Sofia Jamora’s square face is softened with very wide undulations which create a very nice wavy effect and break the angles of her jaws which then seem less angular.

Hairstyles to avoid for square-shaped faces:

Avoid too thick bangs or hairstyles that are too enveloping, as this can accentuate the angles on your face even more.

Also, very frizzy or very curly hair can also make your face look wider, so choose to wear your hair in wide waves rather than too tight curls.

Woman’s hairstyle for a round face shape

Woman's hairstyle for a round face shape
Image Source: Pinterest

Round faces have identical lengths in width and height but without very protruding angles or corners.

Round faces are usually “baby faces”, which means you often look younger and you are and you can just play around with that.

Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, and Ginnifer Goodwin can inspire you to find the woman hairstyle you need.

Best Woman Hairstyle for Round Faces:

When styling a round face, your main goal is to elongate the face and make it more oval.

A quick trick for doing this is to always leave some untied hair on one side of your face. This asymmetry will visually shorten the width of your face and trick the eye into thinking your face is narrower.

Short hair is especially flattering on round faces, if parted and styled the right way, so don’t hesitate to try a bob.

A straight bob helps bring more angle to your face to compensate for the roundness of your face.

You can also pull your hair up into a ponytail making the verticality that will lengthen your face naturally while releasing your hair to bring more light and clarity.

Finally, a short pixie haircut with the volume on the top is very flattering on round face shapes, as it adds texture and angles, without looking too harsh.

Remember: for a round face, opt for asymmetrical hairstyles or a straight square to add the angles your face lacks. You can also opt for a ponytail that adds length. Smoothing, such as Brazilian smoothing, brings maturity to compensate for the very youthful appearance of round faces.

Hairstyles to avoid for round faces:

A common mistake for women with round faces is to hide their face behind a lot of hair, which actually ends up weighing down the face and therefore being counterproductive.

Instead, opt for medium-length hair with long, straight bangs to break up the roundness in your face, and keep the hair texture smooth and sleek to tone down the sometimes very youthful look of round faces.

Avoid soft, wispy bangs, as this can further accentuate the softness of your natural face shape. Instead, opt for side-swept bangs or bold bangs.

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Women’s hairstyle for a long face shape

The easiest way to describe a long face shape is that it’s an oval face shape…just a bit longer.

Think Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, and Hilary Swank.

Best Woman Hairstyle for Long Faces:

The main goal of a successful woman hairstyle for long face shapes is to make your face look wider in order to balance it with its height for better aspect ratios.

To achieve this result, loops are therefore an excellent solution. Why do you think the character of Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, often wore curls?

Indeed, curls have the advantage of giving volume to your women’s hairstyle. Therefore this volume compensates for the length of your face for a better-proportioned balance.

If you don’t want completely curly or curly hair then waves are also a great way to add volume while remaining easier to wear than real curls.

Example of hairstyle for long face woman

To bring a volume adapted to the shape of your face, start curling the hair high enough, as close as possible to the roots. To help you, we have put together a list of the best curling irons on the market, whatever your budget.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember that you are looking for width rather than length.

For example, if you choose a square then the best solution is a destructured square whose slightly disheveled effect will bring just enough volume to compensate for the length of your face.

Remember: for a long face, favor volume. The three best solutions to bring the desired volume are a curly hair hairstyle composed of beautiful curly hair, wavy hair for beautiful waves, or a disheveled effect with a destructured square.

Hairstyles to avoid for long faces:

Respecting the rule “more volume than length”, avoid hair that is too long, especially anything that exceeds the shoulders, or even the shoulder blades at most, as this will lengthen the face.

Also avoid hair that is too smooth, the verticality of which also lengthens the face.

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