Why January Travel Can Be So Wonderful


Everyone has an opinion on the best times and places to travel. For example, some may enjoy heading to parks like Disney during the summer. Still, others might assert that visiting at Christmas time is even better because fewer people vacation during that period and the decorations look magnificent in the winter snow.

In this post, we’ll make the case that travelling in January, no matter where you go, can be one of the best potential experiences you’ll have this year.

Now, that’s not to say you’re obligated to get out there while you’re shaking off some of the lethargy built from the festive season. Still, it’s also true that if you have the means, motive and opportunity, heading abroad or travelling within your borders can be a great deal of fun.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why:

A Fresh-Faced Approach To The Year

When the winter period slowly becomes its festive celebrations, a real sense of “winding down” can occur. Everyone’s ready to rest for the end of the year, to relax, and to enjoy comfort. It’s not hard to understand why – most people have worked very hard that year, and deserve a break.

January is when all of that changes. Fully rested and comforted, many business owners, service staff and travel destinations open up ready to begin another year of operations, even if this isn’t necessarily in line with the “financial year.” For this reason, people tend to be more energetic, focused, rested, and in better spirits. No longer do they have to worry about the stress of preparing for the festive period, instead it’s all over and done with and they can slowly return to work.

So, this is one of the best times to get great customer service, to be greeted with a smile, and to see individuals at the top of their game, no matter what service you use. What an inspiring way to ring in the new year.

Last-Minute Deals Are Everywhere

The least amount of people will book a vacation of any kind in January. It’s not hard to see why either, most people are satiated by the end-of-year celebrations and feel like relaxing a little more into their regular routine.

On top of that, most people have spent all their money on the events and gifts they’ve provided to other people, so the first month of the year is hardly going to be a spending bonanza. But that makes the next fact even more ironic – many of the best travel deals are found in January simply because so few people use them.

That means you’re way more likely to find an impressive deal than you would otherwise. From a weekend cottage getaway in a beautiful remote village, to a small ski resort trip, all the way up to enjoying a better room in a better hotel than you might usually opt for – making the utmost of this time is wonderful. While none of us dislike other tourists trying to have a good time, it’s hard to deny that travel feels better when fewer people are around, too. You can bet this is the case in January.

Day Trips Are Easier

Following on from that last point, most people want to conserve their spending and manage their well-being over the first month of the new year. They might be putting together health management plans or considering the best route to save some cash.

As such, day trips are quieter, and cheaper to use. But more than that, many companies will be very appreciative of your custom, meaning heading out into a city and patronizing local businesses can be a wonderful place to begin.

A day trip is also a nice balance between a vacation you have to plan for and a more relaxed adventure. With a Victoria Station luggage locker, for example, you could head into London and spend the day without worrying about your bags and other organizing. You could visit a few shopping areas, enjoy lunch in a beautiful cafe, head to a show, and relax with dinner, then head home.

Catching Up With Family

Not all family members may have made it to your particular Christmas events this year. It might be that an elderly relative has mobility issues and is trying to dodge the winter viruses of flu and Covid, and so understandably, they may have stayed at home.

Well, January is the best time to visit your extended family now that everyone else has gone home. Catching up with your loved ones is a wonderful method of starting the new year, and you can even go over your new year plans with them. Little moments like this can be cherished for the rest of the year, and it’s a real compliment for someone to tell you that they wanted to start a new year with you.

The Winter Wonderland Is Still Here

We tend to think of “the winter wonderland” as only occupying the space before Christmas, but no, that weather continues on for a couple more months. There’s a sense of real comfort to be gained from simply enjoying a coffee in a cafe with your family, heading to a chocolate store, enjoying a nippy walk in the park while wrapped up in many layers, and sitting in front of a fireplace in an old traditional pub.

Not everyone loves winter through and through of course, but it’s hard to deny that sharp focus that comes into play when the world feels cold. Everything feels a little more present in the winter, and here we have the chance to indulge in our comfort more and more. For example, booking a hotel suite or cottage or AirBnB with many comforting amenities, like the aforementioned fireplace, could also be a lovely alternative to what you have back home. Of course, if you live in a place like Australia, you’re in the height of summer, and this is a fantastic time to vacation in the traditional sense, too!

With this insight, we hope you can consider January travel, and if you do, let us know what your own adventure looks like!

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