Why Choosing Biodegradable Baby Wipes is Better Option?


Tons of researches have indicated how plastic is destroying the planet, Billions of wet wipes are used all over the world. To be more on the eco-friendly side and war against plastic we are opting for Biodegradable wipes or Biodegradable bags for that matter. Because Minimize environmental impact with fabric that naturally biodegrades more than 90% within 6 months.

Huggies Owned by Kimberly-Clark has Launched Biodegradable Wipes.

Safe for delicate baby skin with natural ingredients derived from bamboo sap

‘Huggies Nature Made Bamboo’, a premium wet wipe that is biodegradable in nature. These new wipes are designed to be biodegradable by more than 90% within 6 months using a naturally biodegradable fabric. It is expected that parents of infants and toddlers who have no choice but to use wet wipes every day to wipe the baby’s buttocks after bowel movements or wipe off foreign substances and sweat from their hands and feet can reduce the environmental burden and practice concept consumption.


These new biodegradable wipes use bamboo sap extract to minimize irritation on the skin of delicate babies, so it can be safely used on delicate baby skin. All ingredients used in the new product used only green grade, which means grades 1 to 2 of EWG Skin Deep, a cosmetic safety grade of a global nonprofit environmental organization established for environmental protection and health. EWG Skin Deep is a grade that evaluates the safety of each cosmetic ingredient and classifies it from 1 to 10, and the lower the number, the safer it is.

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According to an official from Huggies Nature Made Bamboo, “The Huggies Nature Made Bamboo wet wipes have focused on eco-friendliness and product safety from the beginning of development so that consumers can use them with confidence.” As it is a product, we look forward to providing a higher level of value for Nature Made Bamboo Wipes.”

Research Data

The average use of baby wipes per year is said to be about 6,935 sheets. Therefore, we used eco-friendly fabrics made of natural pulp and cellulose and biodegradable in consideration of the future our children will live in. As a result of analysis by the SGS testing institute according to ISO14855, more than 90% biodegradation was confirmed within 6 months. It contains bamboo sap extract to keep baby’s skin clean and obtained EWG Skin Deep green grade for all ingredients and Excellent grade in German Derma Test.


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