When a Child Enters Adolescence


Adolescence is a difficult time. Take a step back, avoid bumping into children as much as possible, and address important issues like sex and substance abuse.

No one can deny that adolescence is a complex and difficult period in life. Everyone goes through this period of fluctuating mood, getting angry with family members, and rebelling without meaning. But by the time your child enters adolescence, the past will not be easy to recall.

Do not surrender to the child. You need to understand the child entering adolescence, be patient, and learn how to adapt to the child.

Growth in Adolescence

Spending adolescence is difficult. This is a complex period. Even if you try to understand him, he won’t listen. You will turn your back and close your heart. It seems like a seemingly endless period, but it is just a passing period in life.

You want to give your children unconditional love. You should clearly show this to your children.

Even if your children are not willing to talk, you can’t be defensive or reprimanded at everything. Saying things like “you shouldn’t do that” or “what did I do for you” without a specific purpose will only make them more distrustful of you.

Even if you know all of this, it can still be a difficult situation.

What should I do? A book about adolescence may be helpful. There are many related books on the market, so reading them will help you understand the minds of children.

There will be times when you think you are a really bad parent, or that you are doing something wrong. But what you lack is simply knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired by reading and learning.

What you need to know!

There are always guidelines to follow, even if you don’t feel like it or don’t get along well.

Fight Wisely

Some parents struggle with their children over trivial matters, such as getting piercings, dyeing their hair, or getting tattoos. These are superficial problems. You focus too much on these things while ignoring risky behavior.

Things that children should not be allowed to do are things like smoking cigarettes, having sex without birth control, drinking alcohol, and using drugs. On the other hand, things like the way you dress are not at all a problem to tell children.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

If you think what your child is doing is typical of teenagers and ignore it, you may miss some warning signs. For example, you suddenly become obsessed with food, change your dressing style dramatically, become anxious for no reason, and so on.

While these aren’t really that important in themselves, they can also be signs of suffering from an eating disorder, abuse, or bullying.

When a Child Enters Adolescence

Do not monitor children’s SNS

You can access a wide variety of information on the Internet and communicate with other people. You should control what your kids do, but that doesn’t mean you should monitor their SNS

For example, you shouldn’t leave your cell phone turned off while doing homework, or be left browsing the Internet all day without going to school. The time children spend working with computers has more of an adverse effect on their future than a good one.

Children’s self-esteem must be protected. But the internet can hurt children’s self-esteem. You need to explain this to your children, set some limits, and tell them how you can influence them.

Remember that adolescence is also a time passing someday. So don’t stress too much. Still, children need you. Express your love to them in a comfortable way by staying with them and waiting.

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