What To Wear After Giving Birth

What To Wear After Giving Birth
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When you’re in the final few weeks of pregnancy, what you’ll be wearing after birth likely hasn’t crossed your mind. Nevertheless, once your baby arrives, your postpartum wardrobe becomes key to convenience, comfort and emotional health. When you’re planning for a baby with a lovely layette, diapers and supplies, don’t neglect yourself. You’ll appreciate your forethought later when you have the right clothes to meet your needs as a new parent.

Underwear That Supports Your Postpartum Priorities

From postpartum shapewear to nursing bras, make sure your supply of postpartum underwear is comfortable and functional. For example, choose adjustable postpartum compression garments like women’s panties that gently shape and flatten your midsection as your body recovers. They should be non-binding and absorbent to keep you comfortable while nursing, napping and relaxing.

When it comes to a nursing bra, be sure you purchase more than one. You will need spares because your milk may flow at unexpected moments. When choosing a nursing bra, keep in mind to:

  • Go big: Size up at least one size from your customary cup and chest measurement. It’s never a bad idea to remeasure to ensure you are finding the right size.
  • Choose comfort: A sleep and nursing bra provides softness and comfort.
  • Look for soft cups: Underwires can be uncomfortable and may clog ducts.
  • Find the right style: If you plan to pump, there’s a nursing bra for that.
  • Select natural fibers: Organic cotton and polyamide are best for babies since they contain no chemicals that could trigger an allergic reaction.

Pants for New Mothers on the Run

Most new mothers need a few weeks or months before they can go back to their pre-baby shorts and pants. Avoid the angst of tight clothing by laying in some fun, stretchy and comfortable pants and shorts to see you through until then. Women’s biker shorts are one great option for warm weather. They are on-trend yet forgiving; they won’t bind or constrict your movements as you acclimate to your new role as a mother.

If you need something cozier to withstand winter temperatures, try fleece joggers. They come in myriad colors and gently ensconce you in soft warmth. For date nights or errands around town, dress up with stretch velour or velvet leggings. You’ll feel elegant yet comfy.

Nursing Tops That Pair Performance With Pizazz

When you’re seeing to your baby’s needs, convertible nursing tops make life easier. However, just because a clothing item is functional doesn’t mean it has to be out of style. For example, a loose top with a graceful drape offers easy access for your infant and an effortless style for you. The same applies to a flowing blouse with pleats or gathers that conceal handy nursing slits. If you’re staying in, a soft, roomy T-shirt provides a comfy yet casual vibe that works for nursing too.

Consider adding a personal touch with customized t-shirts that highlight this unique maternal experience to make these nursing sessions even more precious.

Dress Up Your Postpartum Wardrobe

Nothing makes you feel pretty like a fun dress. And feeling good about your body is a big pick-me-up postpartum. Flaunt your new role as someone’s mama with an empire-waist dress that flows along with you.

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Wrap-around dresses that tie at the waist are also an attractive choice. This style is versatile enough for nursing as well as a date night. Wear it with tummy-slimming shapewear if you like. Some perks to look for in postpartum dresses include:

  • Buttoned front for easier access at feeding time
  • Lining to help absorb leaks
  • Extra space in the bodice for those times you need it
  • Separate top and skirt for added convenience when nursing in public venues

Night Clothes for Comfort

Whether you’re up and down all night tending to your baby or settling in for much-needed rest, comfortable night clothes keep you cozy and more relaxed. Remember, pure fibers like organic cotton are non-allergenic, so it is safe if your clothing touches your infant. It’s worth investing in a stretchy cotton pajama set designed specifically for postpartum. It can make you feel stylish yet easily accommodate those 2 a.m. feedings. If you opt for a nursing nightgown, make sure you also have a robe to help keep your legs warm during feedings.

Shoes That Pamper Tired Feet

You’ll likely stick close to home in the first few weeks after your baby is born. Slippers are the ideal footwear for keeping your tired feet happy. Whether they are slip-on mules or furry, foot-hugging styles, slippers are always a treat.

Just like during pregnancy, comfort is the watchword for outdoor shoes. Well-cushioned athletic shoes, cork-soled sandals and ballet flats are all on-trend styles for postpartum footwear. Avoid high heels during this healing period to give your hard-working body a well-deserved break. Don’t forget to stock up on cozy socks to keep your feet warm from cold weather or cool air conditioning!

Accent Pieces for Color

Even if you prefer wearing one favorite pair of joggers and a go-to nursing tee around the house, you don’t have to look the same day after day. Put some color in your daily routine with a pretty cardigan. It goes on and off easily, depending on what you’re doing. It’s also a great way to give yourself some nursing privacy when you need to cover up. Use other accessories, like a rotation of scrunchies, to add variety and spice to your schedule.

What You Wear Postpartum Makes a Difference

Although your newborn requires your full attention, that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. When you are comfortable, confident and content, your baby benefits as well. The right postpartum clothing can help make that happen, and your time at home with your child will be a more relaxing and positive experience.

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