What To Research Before Buying A Home For A Family


If it is your first time buying a home for your growing family, there are some things that you may want to consider that you might not have thought about if you were just to buy a home for your spouse and yourself. Here is a list that was collected from a group of families that they think were important to consider or things they wish they would have considered before moving.

Number of Bedrooms

Many parents agree that it is ideal to have enough bedrooms for their children to each have their own room, with one additional room. This additional room could be used for visiting grandparents, an office, or a playroom. Everyone having their own space is something that is important for a growing family so that they do not feel cramped and can have privacy.

Home Configuration

Something that is often overlooked is the way the home is layed out. Are all the bedrooms on the same floor? Is the laundry room deep in a basement and difficult to get to? Do you have to go up three levels and pass the bedrooms to get to the family room? Is the guest bathroom connected to a bedroom? Is the dining room close to the kitchen? Some builders simply do not take home configuration into consideration, especially old homes may not have used all the space efficiently.

Floors and Counters That Hold Up

With multiple kids comes lots of messes and spills. Making sure the floors and countertops are the proper material to withstand these messes and spills is important! While marble floors and countertops can be absolutely breathtaking, it is incredibly porous and will quickly absorb stains making it almost impossible to clean.

Granite countertops are a good alternative because there is no grout to clean, it has lots of different designs and colors which can camouflage messes and is very durable. For floors, tile is also durable and can withstand any mess, however they can also be very cold in the winter, but it is your best option for places that get wet like the bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Neighborhood Configuration

Some things to think about are how the neighborhood is designed. Is it very close to the freeway? Sometimes that may seem nice and convenient, but could also be a con, as neighborhoods closer to the freeway tend to have more crime. Are there cul-de-sacs? Cul-de-sacs are very safe and offer room for children to play in the street. Is the neighborhood directly connected to busy main streets? Are there speed bumps? All things to consider when thinking about a safe place for your kids.

Yard Space

Getting a stunning home with all the amenities could be the dream, but quickly seems not so great anymore if you have no yard space for your kids to play outside. They can feel cooped up quickly. While big yards are expensive, maybe shoot for something medium sized with enough space for them to stretch and do the activities or sports that they are interested in. It will also keep them out of the house, hopefully keeping it less messy.

School Ratings

Whether you choose to homeschool or not, the ratings of the schools around where you choose to settle will be very important. These schools produce the children that will be in the neighborhoods and the community. School ratings will also affect your home value if you ever choose to sell. If your children will be going to public schools, research the schools they will be attending, and even try taking a tour or visiting during the school day to see if the teachers and administration would be a good fit for your kids. Check to see if they offer extracurriculars that your kids are interested in such as sports, drama, art, etc.

Church Community

If your family is active in going to church, you may want to attend some of the local churches nearby to feel if it is a good fit for you. Before you even move in, you can begin making connections with others who attend to help the move be a little easier, because being new somewhere is never easy.

Crime Rate

Of course you want your kids to be safe at all times. Checking the crime rate is much more simple than it used to be. You can do a quick search online to see what the crime is like in the area. You can even call the local police station and ask them how busy they are, and what the typical crimes consist of.

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