What Kind of Noses Do We Find Most Attractive?


This might seem like an odd question to some, but to others, this is such a pivoting question when it comes to our self-esteem and confidence. Whether you’re born with a certain shaped nose, have experienced an accident or an incident of any time, you may want to change your nose through rhinoplasty, but now comes the more difficult question of to what? What are you changing to?

Your nose, regardless of size or shape, can have a significant impact on your appearance and self-esteem. Our noses are typically the first facial feature that others notice since they are placed in the centre of our facial structure. As a result, determining which of the several varieties of nose shapes is the most attractive has become a major problem in today’s culture.

With that in mind, today we’re going to explore some nose shapes so you can choose which one is best for you.

A Straight Nose

For many people, this common nose form, often known as the Greek nose, is a popular choice.

It’s difficult to deny that a Greek nose is attractive due to its well-structured and nicely crafted bridge. Greek noses lack any type of curvature or humps, giving the wearer a fashionable image.

Because it has small nostrils, many individuals seek this style of the nose, making it a popular choice among models and celebrities.

The Aquiline Nose

An aquiline nose, often known as a Roman nose, has a broad bridge and a slightly curving appearance. The Roman nose is frequently compared to eagle beaks that are slightly bent. This sort of nose was prized in the early European era because it symbolised beauty and royalty.

The Nubian Nose

A Nubian nose is characterised by an enormous nose and a broad base. This nose form is more common among people of African descent and other ethnic groups.

A Fleshy Nose

For both men and women, the fleshy nose is the most popular. A fleshy nose is defined by a combination of a fleshy downturned tip and weak cartilages, according to experts. It’s also distinguished by its large projecting form. It’s also known as Einstein’s nose because of its similarity to Albert Einstein, the famous scientist.

Celestial Nose or Upturned Nose

This particular nose shape, often known as a heavenly nose, is one of the most attractive. Because of its likeness to the noses of Querubin angels, the term celestial nose was coined. While many people desire an upturned nose, researchers consider this shape to be a minor anomaly.

The apex of an upturned nose has a slight dent across the bridge because it protrudes towards the end. This little dip is a type of cartilage that hasn’t fully grown. An upturned nose, on the other hand, isn’t a cause for medical concern.

There’s nothing to be concerned about until the structure obstructs your respiration. Furthermore, if your upturned nose shape is upsetting you, there are several surgical and nonsurgical options accessible.


As you can see, there are plenty of noses types out there, many of which are attractive and very much obtainable with modern rhinoplasty techniques. All you need to do is to see an expert and explore your options to see which one is best suited to you!

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