What is the History of The Comforter?


A fabric envelope filled with feathers or duvets, the eiderdown is an accessory whose history dates back several centuries. It is one of the essentials of bedding. How has its use and composition evolved?

Generally confused with the duvet, the eiderdown is a very popular bedding accessory, especially for its usefulness and its many advantages. Since the Middle Ages, the eiderdown has undergone a clear evolution. As well as its use, the composition of an eiderdown has also evolved over the years. In particular, you can find luxury version eiderdowns with white duck down Origine France Garantie.

What is the Origin of the Quilt?

The eiderdown was created in the Middle Ages. At that time, it allowed sleepers to isolate themselves from the mattress on which they lay down. It also served as a mellow and gave them warmth. Over time, woolen mattresses made their appearance. From then on, the role of the eiderdown evolved. It was then used to warm sleepers, heating systems not existing at that time.

Today, the eiderdown is mostly used as a decorative accessory. However, despite the heating systems, many people still use it as a supplement for heat, especially on the top of the bed. Still, others use it to warm up on their sofa after a day of work.

As for the composition, today’s comforters are much lighter and more comfortable. The high-end models are mainly designed with goose or duck down. However, there are more accessible models with synthetic upholstery. Providing an acceptable level of comfort, these are made of hollow silicone fibers or ordinary polyester fibers.

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What is the Origin of the Name Eiderdown?

The word eiderdown has its origin in the Danish language. It comes from the word “ederdun” which means “eiderdown”. In fact, eiderdown comes from a rare species of duck of the same name, which is found exclusively in the northern regions. Due to the rarity of these ducks, the down collected from their plumage is particularly expensive.

What are the different types of comforters?

There are several types of comforters today. Each of them has unique characteristics.

The Old-Fashioned Quilt

Also known as the plumon, the old-fashioned comforter is one of the most popular designs on the market. For those who are looking for a particularly puffy comforter, I suggest you opt for a feather. It does not have any stitching. However, it guarantees optimal thermal comfort, since the air is distributed uniformly in the filling.

American Flat Comforter

Usually, in the shape of a diamond or a square, the American-style comforter is a quilted model. Compared to plumon, it is much less swelling. However, it provides warmth and comfort.

Quilted blanket

This is the updated version of the comforter. With a low filling, it offers less warmth than the feather and the American comforter. However, it has the advantage of being easier to transport. So you can use it everywhere outside of your bed.

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