What Is the Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin?

Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin
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Have you seen the latest cryptocurrency news? As of October 2021, Bitcoin reached a new all-time high, cruising up past $66,000.

Regardless of what happens in the financial markets, crypto always finds a way to bounce back, even after some really big drops. And the best part about it? Everyone expects Bitcoin to reach $100,000, and quite a few people think it can go much higher than that.

If you don’t yet have any in your crypto wallet, you might be looking for the fastest way to buy Bitcoin. After all, it only takes a moment for prices to skyrocket.

Want to catch the next big move? Then keep reading to discover the quickest way to buy Bitcoin right now.

How to Buy Bitcoin from Your Couch

There are a few different ways to buy Bitcoin these days. After all, with Bitcoin in such high demand, lots of companies want to get in on the action.

While it might not be the fastest, the best way to buy Bitcoin without having to go anywhere is by using an online cryptocurrency exchange. This is what most people do.

To buy Bitcoin online, you’ll want to choose an exchange and open an account with them. Online exchanges require new customers to verify their identities.

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To do this, you’ll need to submit a few documents, along with a copy of your photo ID. The reason this process takes a while is that this information needs to be verified before you can fund your account and buy cryptocurrency.

Once your information is submitted, you can expect to wait a few hours, though sometimes it takes a day or two.

However, after your account is verified, you can simply log in and purchase any cryptocurrency you want, making it super convenient.

The Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin

Just because buying Bitcoin online is convenient, it’s not the fastest method. Want to buy Bitcoin fast, right now, without having to wait for KYC verification?

Then you need to head to a Bitcoin ATM. The best Bitcoin machine still requires some KYC, but verification happens super quick, especially compared to an online exchange.

The first time you use a particular Bitcoin ATM brand, you’ll need to create an account. Then, you’re free to either insert cash to purchase Bitcoin or insert a credit or debit card.

What to Do Beforehand

When you buy crypto through an exchange, you can store it in your account on the exchange. However, this isn’t the safest place to hold crypto. Exchanges, while they boast high levels of cybersecurity, are the main target of hackers.

A better option is to set up a crypto wallet. These can either be software on your phone or computer, or they can be in the form of a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is particularly beneficial as it doubles as a seed phrase secure storage solution, providing an extra layer of security for your cryptocurrency. You’ll also want to have a wallet set up before buying from an ATM, as you’ll need to send your new Bitcoin to a wallet address that you own.

Get Those Gains

Because cryptocurrencies are the money of the internet, the buying process is typically seamless and easy. However, when buying for the first time, buying online takes a little longer due to verification processes.

Therefore, the fastest way to buy Bitcoin right now is to head to your nearest ATM. And the sooner you get some Bitcoin in your wallet, the sooner you can (hopefully) start seeing some gains.

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