5 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms


The life of a busy mom is constantly ever-changing and hectic. When is there time to stop and think about weight loss? With a little help, it might not be as hard as it seems. Here are five easy ways to work weight loss into your super busy mom’s life.

1) Substitute with Smart Swaps

The first and most simple method of working toward weight loss is to swap high calorie items for lighter ones. As a mom, you might not always have the option of avoiding that birthday party or team fundraiser dinner, so the key is to make better choices when you find yourself faced with a challenge.

Try showing up to your next event with your own bubbly non-alcoholic rosé to swap for the higher calorie beverages being served at the party. An alcohol-free drink that looks and tastes the same as real wine is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds — show up to all of the parties on your busy calendar and skip the calorie-filled regrets later.

2) Choose to Host When Possible

At first thought, you may think stepping up to be the host of the next event on your full calendar might be a burden. And at times, it can be. But hosting while trying to work toward a weight loss goal can be a game-changing strategy.

As the host of the next baby shower, team party or holiday dinner, you’ll have full control over the food and drink options being served. Use this opportunity to dig up some good mocktail recipes and set the tone for an evening of healthy eating at your event.

There’s no better way to ensure that tempting foods or high-calorie drinks are nowhere in sight than to be the one choosing and preparing the menu. The reward may be worth the work of fitting a little extra time into your busy life to host a party!

3) Set Goals and Rewards Along the Way

Our next weight loss tip for busy moms is a must: Have a plan. Within your plan, create a timeline with small milestone goals along the way. Then be sure to include rewards you can look forward to for each milestone.

These smaller goals within your overall goal can be numbers on a scale or they can be more about how you feel. Feel free to mix it up! You can start with a simple goal of fitting less snugly into an old pair of jeans or having more energy in the afternoon. Work your way toward larger goals like jogging a couple of days in a row or lifting a certain amount of pounds.

Whatever your small goals are along the path of your weight loss journey, reward yourself with treats that won’t throw you off of your progress like non-alcoholic wine with your favorite book on the couch. It’s important to acknowledge your small achievements as you work toward your bigger goal. You’ve got this!

4) Prioritize Movement

The kids aren’t the only ones that need to stay moving. We know it is so exhausting making sure everything gets done every day, so moving intentionally is probably the last thing on your priority list.

However, if weight loss is truly your goal, then you’ve got to make time for yourself to exercise or simply move with a purpose. It can be short or long, an activity involving the kids or not — whichever way makes sense for your busy schedule. Gundry MD Energy Renew is the best option to look up to.

The important thing is just to get out there and move for at least 30 minutes a day. You’ll feel better after, and it’s the fastest way to help you reach your weight loss goal than dieting alone.

5) Lean on a Friend

As you start out on your weight loss journey, make sure you’re not alone. Experts say that diet plans often fail not because of the plan itself, but rather due to the lack of a strong support system. The people we look to for encouragement and accountability can have a significant impact on whether or not we succeed, so make sure to choose your most reliable loved ones.

You want to be sure to find a friend or two who will either join you in your goal toward losing weight or be okay acting as a strong shoulder to lean on when you hit any obstacles. Tell your support group how you’d like them to show up for you, whether that’s as small as a daily text or something like meeting up for weekly walk around the block.

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Communicate your goals and how you plan to get there, and then show your friends how they can help. They’ll be happy to show you the love and support you need so you can one day return the favor.

In summary, weight loss can be less of a mountain to climb when you approach it with the right tools and preparation. Swap in smart choices like non-alcoholic beverages when you can or, even better, volunteer to host the next gathering so you can control the full menu.

Plan out the small milestones along the way to your overall goal and try your best to prioritize moving daily. Don’t forget to inform your closest friends so they can support you or even join you in your journey. By making the best choices you can in the situations you find yourself in, you can make real progress toward losing weight. Now go get ‘em!

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