Four Weekend Getaway Ideas for the Family


It’s the ideal break from the humdrum of everyday life – packing up your family for a weekend away from stress to create unforgettable memories that will inspire your loved ones and guarantee a weekend of fun and frolics. Despite being a much-loved and eagerly-anticipated part of family life, planning a weekend getaway can sometimes feel difficult, what with the plethora of choices available to you. This article lists four firm favorites for family weekends away, and what you’ll need to do to organize them to go off without a hitch.

The Beach

A solid bet guaranteed to please any age of child, adult and elderly relative alike, packing the buckets and spaces and heading to a nearby – or not so nearby – place on the seaside is one of the classic ways to spend a weekend with the ones you hold dearest. Cheap flights now make even faraway beaches accessible to families looking for new vistas and guaranteed hot weather, and you’ll find no shortage of hotels and guest houses along the seafront so that your family can remain close to the action when it comes to surf, sea,and sand.


Some families enjoy adding a healthy dose of culture to their weekends away – in the form of museums, galleries,and performances – and thankfully you’ll be able to book your place in the annals of cultural hotspots online before you go. Heading to England? Make sure you check out plays to see in London so that you’re rewarded for your visit with mind-blowing performances of musical hits that are sure to remain long in your children’s memories. Planning a weekend in New York? Get your tickets to a performance by some of the most talented musical artists around in advance to guarantee a treat in the evening.


A great way to engage the kids – and to get them out of your hair for a few hours of relaxation – is to head to an adventure-style camp, replete with zip-lines and adventure playgrounds that’ll keep your children occupied for hours. There’s plenty of these well-established family favorites to visit all over the world, which means you’ll have a hard task in booking one you find the most inspiring, but researching your options online, using price-comparison sites to narrow down your options, will guarantee you make the best decision for you and your family. You can go to an quad bike track and let your little ones try quad biking, and if they like it, acquiring such a vehicle is easy as there’s quad bike finance UK stores can help you with.

Theme Parks

For a weekend of whirling, swirling, ostentatious fun, there’s nothing quite like heading to one of the world’s boisterous and colorful theme parks to enjoy all the roller coasters and child-friendly fun that they contain. Nearly all of them possess an adjoining hotel that spits you out right on the doorstep of the park each morning, or else you could stay further afield and bus ordrive-in. Theme parks feel designed to be as fun as possible, and this kind of weekend getaway will be the trip of your children’s dreams – and you never know, you might find yourself regression to childhood a little, too.

These four ideas for weekend getaways with the family should inspire you to get on the internet to book your next trip away with your nearest and dearest.

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