5 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season


Christmas is coming to raid your household budget. Every year the costs seem to rise, but the amount of money you have to spend stays the same. Here are some ways you can save some money this holiday season and get a little more from your Christmas budget.

Set A Budget You Can Stick To

The best way to control your holiday spending is to set a budget. Try to get as much of the holiday in your budget as you can, not just gifts and wrapping but the food and festive decorations too. Most people overspend because they do not account for the little things. The extra dollars here and there soon add up and push you over budget.

How much do Americans spend on Christmas? The average American will spend over $600 on gifts alone. Tally has more information on Christmas spending and how to keep a budget under control. They can help you reduce your credit card interest rates, helping you to pay down debt or have more money to spend in your budget.

Cut Costs With Potlucks, Secret Santa, And e-Cards

With a little bit of planning, you can save a lot of money over the holidays, especially on gifts and parties for extended family and work friends. Switch to a festive potluck dinner for Christmas meals with work pals and social groups. Spread the cost of catering between everyone, and have some fun while you do it. People can bring a taste of their holiday home cooking to a festive get-together.

Secret Santa is a good gift-giving idea for this level of holiday celebration. It saves everyone money over the holidays and keeps work-Christmas gift-giving low-key and fun. No one spends too much, or too little, and it avoids any controversies arising at a time when people should be full of cheer. Sending e-Cards is better for the wallet and the planet. Cut down on costs and carbon while reducing excess holiday waste with a festive email or social media message.

Shop Savvy Online

Make the most of free deliveries and retail gift wrapping to save you time and money. Many big online retailers will offer you free shipping as well as free gift wrapping and messaging on larger orders. When you are browsing for holiday deals online always factor in your shipping options. You may be able to have all your gifts wrapped and delivered to your giftees by sites like Amazon, Kroger, and even some Etsy and eBay sellers.

If you have the budget ahead of time try to take advantage of online Black Friday deals to get some great gifts for your family for less, including shipping. A couple of hours online over Thanksgiving could save you hundreds of dollars on Christmas Day. Keep your eyes peeled for flash sales online too, Amazon often has Prime Member deals in the run-up to Christmas. These can save you big bucks on great gifts.

Use Money Saving, Couponing, And Discounting Apps

The holiday season is an incredibly competitive time for retailers, both online and on Main Street. You can use smartphone apps and web browser add-ons to save you money or claim coupons and discounts for stores on the web and in the mall. These can be a great way to find gift ideas too. Let the deal guide you to the gift, saving you time and money.

Apps like Honey work on both your phone and your web browser to find you deals on what you are shopping for to save you money. Groupon can be a great source of gift ideas, as well as savings. You can buy close friends and family experiences like weekend trips instead, perfect for giftees that live out of state. You can send them an e-Card or a real card to give them their special seasonal treat.

Treat Yourself For The Holidays

Don’t forget to get yourself a gift. The stress of budgeting, shopping, wrapping, and planning can take its toll. You deserve a reward. Make sure your name is on your gift list, and get yourself something that you really, really want.

Don’t break the bank or your budget, but make sure you give yourself a gift that is a treat you will enjoy for Christmas. When the stress of the holidays is over, and the gift wrapping is in pieces underneath your tree, you should have something for you as a reward for all your hard work.

These five top tips should help you save a few bucks here and there that will add up to some serious savings. With a bit of planning and budgeting and some high-tech help from smartphone apps, you can put a lot of extra money in your pocket to get yourself something special.


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