18 Ways to Increase your Self-Esteem Quickly


If you have low self-esteem, you will always be full of anxiety and dissatisfaction in your daily life. Negative thoughts are repeated, and situations that are getting worse are repeated, filled with beliefs that are harmful to you. To stop this vicious cycle of self-esteem to raise, how do raise the self-esteem? In this article, I will try to find out how to increase self-esteem (increase self-esteem).

1) Learning new skills

The first way to increase your self-esteem is to learn “new skills”. Students learn skills that match their talents and interests to improve their competencies. Even if it’s not a skill, it’s also helpful to learn a new study or hobbies. Increasing your own skills can help improve your self-esteem, so let’s learn something new.

2) List your Achievements

The second way to increase self-esteem is “list achievements”. Think about everything you’ve accomplished, then write it down. Make a list of all the things you are proud of in your life, what you did well. There is a lot more accomplished than expected, and if you actually collect and see, your self-esteem will improve. If you have to complete a task and you feel that you lack confidence and self-esteem, take a look at your list of achievements. This will also give you an inner strength that you can do.

3) Challenge to Creative Work

The third way to increase your self-esteem is to “Challenge creative work”. Creative work is a great way to increase your self-esteem. Creativity stimulates the brain and makes it possible to use it more. Take out an old guitar, write, or register for a dance class, and create something new. Creating something out of nothing will increase your self-esteem.

4) Recognizing your Worth

The fourth way to increase self-esteem is “Is it worth your own?” You need to judge what your values ​​are, and check what places do not match your current life. If there is something that doesn’t fit your values, let’s change it boldly. The more you know your worth and know what it means, the more confident you become.

5) Challenge your Limited Beliefs

The fifth way to increase self-esteem is “the challenge to limited beliefs”. If you start thinking negatively about yourself, stop thinking about yourself and challenge yourself. The false belief that I can’t do it can aggravate yourself. Let’s continue to have a positive belief that we can do it.

6) View from the Edge of the Comfort Zone

The sixth way to increase self-esteem Let’s go to “the edge of the comfort zone”. Instead of going to a completely new place, you are trying new things within your comfort zone. Feel uncomfortable that you don’t normally feel. Try something new, meet other people, or approach the situation in a new way. Confidence starts at the edge of your comfort zone.

7) Helping Someone

The seventh way to increase self-esteem is “helping someone”. Use your talents, skills, and your own abilities to help others. Give someone direct help, share useful resources, or teach them what you want to learn. Helping someone can be a big help in increasing your self-esteem.

8) Let’s Heal the Past

The eighth way to increase self-esteem is to “heal the past.” Unresolved problems or things in the past can reduce self-esteem. Treat your past with the support of a professional counselor so that you can move forward with confidence and self-confidence. If you have a big wound or trauma in the past, you must heal it before you can increase your self-esteem.

9) Ignore Other People’s Thoughts

The ninth way to increase self-esteem is “not to worry about other people’s thoughts.” When you’re worried about what other people will think of you, they don’t think anything about you. Don’t worry about what others will think. If you’re living the way you’re worthy, let’s live with confidence.

10) Reading Inspiring Books

The tenth is “Reading inspiring books” to increase self-esteem. A great way to gain self-esteem is to read things that lift yourself up and make you feel positive about yourself. Motivation and inspiration can increase your self-esteem and take on new challenges in your life.

11) Sending Negative People

The eleventh is to increase self-esteem, “Export negative people.” If there are negative people in your life, no positive words, or people who are willing to take and take advantage of you, let them go. Will something help though? You may think that it is, but such people only lower your self-esteem. If you fill your surroundings with people who respect and value you, your self-esteem will rise as well.

12) Draw the Border

The twelfth is to increase self-esteem, “drawing the border”. The best way to find self-esteem is to create personal boundaries. First of all, you need to know and draw your own boundaries. And you need to know in advance how to respond when people cross that boundary. There are too many people over the line in Korea. It is also necessary to give strong warnings to those who are above the line. Don’t allow people to use or control you! Being confident is maintaining a clear boundary.

13) Let’s Improve our Appearance

The thirteenth is to increase self-esteem, “make your appearance.” You feel good when you look best. Dress up like a confident person and make yourself confident of how you look. The confidence you have in your appearance will increase your self-esteem as well. There are many ways to improve your appearance. Whether it’s beautiful makeup, or exercising and dieting. Appearance isn’t everything, but it can certainly be a source of confidence.

14) Let’s Welcome Failure

The 14th is to increase self-esteem, “recognizing failure as a platform for growth.” It’s common to struggle if you fail. However, from the beginning, failure is an opportunity for learning and a driving force for growth. If you change your mind and perspective, fear disappears. Recognize that learning trial and error from failure can be of great help to you. Never be afraid of failure!

15) Always Remain a Student

The fifteenth is to increase self-esteem, “always remain a student”. Let’s live while thinking as a lifelong student. Let’s live with the mindset that my current life is not a result, but a student who can progress and continue to grow. Why are these results of my present life? Because there is still a better future than I think, it is a process of preparation and I think it is a stupid state. When I grow up, is everything perfect? Absolutely not. It continues to be scarce and there is no end to learning. Life is something you can learn even before you die.

16) Confront Your Fears

The sixteenth is “Confronting Fear” to increase self-esteem. Even if you feel afraid of something, keep going. Self-esteem is often found between your deepest desires and your greatest fears. When you overcome your fears, you will find self-esteem that rises together.

17) Become a mentor

The seventeenth is to increase self-esteem, “becoming a mentor.” Attend people who need your guidance, leadership, and support. Your self-esteem will increase as you see the appreciation and respect of the people you receive and how it develops with your help.

18) Let’s Define Success

The eighteenth is “defining success” to increase self-esteem. Define for yourself what success means to you. Being materially successful is not all success. If you satisfy the life of success that you define yourself, you are successful. If you define yourself and plan your life accordingly, your self-esteem will rise as well.

Here are 18 ways to increase your self-esteem. Life can come at a time when your self-esteem declines. Self-esteem depends on your own mindset. Always boost your confidence and wish you a positive and bright life!

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