6 Ways to Boost Brain Development of Your Child


Did you know that the period between 2 to 7 years of age is critical for the brain development of children? This period shapes their intellect and creativity. You can build a strong foundation of brainpower for your kids in these and upcoming years.

Here are 6 ways in which you can significantly contribute to your kid’s early childhood brain development:-

1) Support Joy of Learning

Kids love to learn new things. They are always curious and excited. As a parent, you should encourage their inquisitiveness and enthusiasm. Also, refrain from associating their knowledge with their performance and fixating on results. That pressure can suck out the joy from the learning process.

This phase is also a golden opportunity for you to instill a growth mind-set in them. Encourage them to come out of their comfort zone and make mistakes in pursuit of new knowledge and skill.

2) Focus on Breadth of Experience

There is no harm in making your kid a “jack of all trades and master of none” at this tender age. It’s not their time to expertise in anything. They can choose their passion and interest in upcoming years. You should introduce kids to various streams such as drawing, science, music, reading, sports, language, etc.

Being challenged with different sorts of skills is healthy for a kid’s brain development. A wide range of knowledge increases their creative and abstract thinking.

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3) Encourage Emotional Intelligence

Learning new skills and memorising important information increases a child’s brainpower. But you also need to utilise this golden period to enhance their emotional intelligence. Encourage interpersonal skills like teamwork, sympathy, and kindness in them. You can start by helping them with labelling their own emotions.

Once they can identify with their feelings, you can teach them to understand other people’s feelings. A small activity like helping with chores can make them more cooperative and empathetic.

4) Work for Overall Development

Every parent wants their child to excel in academics. But that is not enough for overall brain development in children. They can become proficient in a second language, or they can perfect their musical pitch. In short, they can learn anything they want at this age as their grasping power is highest during early childhood.

Utilise this time to provide them with holistic and authentic education rather than focusing only on their academics.

5) Build Caring & Dependable Relationships

Your kid’s relationship with you, other family members, care providers, and teachers matter more than you think. They see adults as ideal. They express themselves to adults by smiling, crying, or being angry. You need to understand the reason behind their response and respond back with love and understanding.

Your responses shape early childhood brain development. Sing, play or read to them more often. Caring and loving interaction with parents, teachers, and caregivers makes their world safe and stable.

6) Prevent Negative Encounters

Positive and healthy interactions in childhood ensure success in later life. But unfortunately, not all kids are sheltered from negative experiences. Poverty, domestic violence, or the passing away of a family member can scar them a lot. A child’s mind doesn’t know how to process trauma. They might drift apart and head on the wrong path.

You must do everything in your power to shield brain development in your children from any negative or painful experience.

Every child is unique. You can develop your own methodology for your kid’s brain development based on individual interests. However, the ways mentioned above are fundamental for a child’s healthy upbringing. Adapt these practices and witness the flourishing brainpower of your child.

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