Ways Around a Lack of Space


A lack of space may seem like doom and gloom but it does not have to be that way. There are solutions to gaining more space that can be affordable. If we look online to find self storage, then we can find some very competitive rates.

We will discuss in this article the various ways to generate space for us and our possessions. Some are very affordable but others less so depending on our circumstances.

Extensions or a House Move

One way to create more space is to extend our home with a conservatory or porch.

At the back, a conservatory can act as an extra room to sit in. It is particularly nice to see some greenery when you have a garden at the back. You can have more guests too when they can be spread out between the conservatory and garden area.

At the front, a porch can provide extra space for footwear and umbrellas. It also provides shelter from the rain for visitors who are waiting for the door to be answered.

An alternative solution might be to set up children in their own home sooner rather than later. However, it is very likely that finances could delay such a decision.

A more expensive option could be to move house in order to create more room for our family. Although, there are some cheaper solutions that you may want to think about too.

Self-Storage Units

A self-storage unit can act as an extra room. This is when we book one close to home that has round-the-clock access to it. We can decide without much notice whether or not we need that extra seat for the party. Even during the party, if we are yet to consume any alcohol.

Too many objects around us can hamper good health. We are not just talking about tripping up over objects and twisting an ankle, which would be painful enough, but feeling depressed because we do not metaphorically have the space to breathe. Freedom is about having room to move around and not be encumbered.

The advantages that self-storage units provide include:

  • Decluttering a home.
  • Securing objects from theft.
  • Making seasonal exchanges of objects possible.
  • A way to transition objects between houses.
  • Helping downsize before retirement.

It can offer even more benefits too because of the different facilities that many self-storage units will offer.

Better Accommodation of Existing Items

The way we arrange items within our home can make all the difference to how many we can sensibly house. We can, of course, do nothing about big pieces of furniture that are surplus, but then, that is where a self-storage unit will prove useful. You can, for instance, house a spare wardrobe and some unseasonal clothes within it. Clothes are always better hung than just folded up inside a bag.

Items are always best kept off the floor, which is where long, deep storage units can prove useful. An ottoman can store many items and be sat on too.

Plates can be held in slots or stacked. Where you have odd sets, you might consider passing these on to a charity shop to whittle down the amount of crockery that you have to accommodate. Mug trees are good for displaying mugs to provide a practical solution and add a pleasing aesthetic to a kitchen. This is whether the mugs match, are themed in some way, or are all different and interesting to look at.

It is useful to think about the different ways that will allow us to achieve more space. We can consider an extension as an investment or an even more expensive house move, but also, we can solve our immediate problem by having a self-storage unit function as an extra room. As well, we can look towards arranging our items more compactly within our home. This can save us space.

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