10 Ways Anxiety Can Manifest Itself


Many people deal with anxiety. It’s so common that some people don’t even realize that it’s a part of their lives. You might be able to live with it and be more or less okay, but it may also get to the point that it practically cripples you.

There are various types of anxiety, and there are equally many ways that it might manifest itself. Let’s talk about some of those manifestations right now.

You Feel Nervous in Crowds

Your anxiety can manifest with you feeling nervous or anxious in crowds of people. If you’re at a concert, on a busy sidewalk, or anywhere else with people all around you, you might start to feel threatened.

You Don’t Want to Leave the House

You may reach a point with your anxiety where you don’t want to leave the house for any reason. It might take all of your willpower to force you to do something as simple as going to the grocery store or running some errands.

You Babble Uncontrollably

You might find that when you meet someone, or you’re in a social situation, you babble uncontrollably. You do this because you’re experiencing anxiety, and you can’t seem to take hold of yourself.

You Become Very Quiet

You might find that you become very quiet and withdrawn when you’re around other people. Social anxiety is one of the most common kinds.

You Feel Your Heart Racing

You may find that in situations that make you anxious, you can feel your heart racing. You might also feel that you must take in bigger breaths because you’re not getting enough oxygen.

You Start Looking Around for Threats

You might start looking around wildly for possible threats if you have particularly severe anxiety. You may feel like you’re under threat when you leave the house, but you may also feel that way at home if things have progressed even further.

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You Become Aggressive

You may find that you become aggressive if you’re experiencing anxiety. You might find yourself raising your voice or becoming abusive toward others. You don’t want to do it, but it’s a defense mechanism, and you may not be able to control it.

You Abuse Drugs

You may find that you feel so anxious that you ingest drugs to get yourself back under control. Those might be either legal drugs or illegal ones, or both.

You Abuse Alcohol

You may also find that you’re consuming alcohol much more often than you’d like. When you drink, though, you may find that your feelings of anxiety lessen, so you find that you can’t stop, much as you’d like to.

You Become Argumentative

You might find yourself arguing with people in your life over trivial matters. You may fight with friends and family members or total strangers. You may not even care about the things you’re arguing about, but your anxiety is forcing you to say things that you would prefer not to.

Your anxiety can manifest itself in additional ways as well.

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