Unique Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers


The dog is the first animal species to have been domesticated by humans. His pack instinct, his early domestication, and the behavioral characteristics that result from it have earned him the nickname of “man’s best friend”.

The dog has a special place in human society. A gift related to the world of dogs will have sentimental value for a dog lover. When you put your thought into it and present this as a gift for a dog owner. It will be received with joy by someone who loves dogs and puppies. Discover the gifts for dog lovers.

My Dog Is Well Behaved book

The book My dog is well behaved is an original gift for anyone who loves dogs. This guide will help you learn the skills to provide quality instruction to your dog while having fun. What to teach him? The only limits will be those of the dog’s physical abilities and those of your imagination.

The dog footprint kit

The dog footprint kit is a gift for a dog lover. He can only love this kit to immortalize his pet’s footprints. The print is detailed and uses a process where the ink is not in direct contact with the paw. For the liveliest animals, don’t panic, the kit includes 5 cardboard papers to allow several tests.

The Dogs Breed Book

The beautiful book is a great gift for anyone who loves dogs. Images alternately humorous or touching, accompanied by precise information and amusing. This kind of book can help you choose another dog for your family.

A Robot dog

A robot dog is a great gift for a child who loves dogs. The robot dog talks make many movements, interacts with the child, and changes its expression when spoken to. He recognizes the child’s voice and obeys the various orders given to him.

An external dog battery

A dog power bank is a gift idea for all dog lovers. In the shape of a Corgi, it also serves as a phone holder thanks to its suction cups that allow you to watch a movie quietly. Practical, compact, and adorable, it has it all.

The book Dogs in 1001 photos

The book Dogs in 1001 photos is an original and inexpensive gift for a woman or a man who loves dogs. Dogs, emblems of loyalty and devotion, deserve to play the stars in a collection that makes us discover their extreme diversity.

The book With my dogs The Wild Odyssey

The book With my dogs The Wild Odyssey is an original gift for dog lovers. Six thousand kilometers, ten dogs, one dream. Nicolas Vanier takes us on an extraordinary journey through the wildest territories of the Pacific coast of Siberia to the frozen shores of Lake Baikal, passing through China and Mongolia.

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Calming Signals: The Basics of Canine Communication

Calming Signals: The Basics of Canine Communication is a great gift for dog lovers. Turid Rugaas offers us an invaluable gift of canine communication which helps us, masters, educators, or competitors, to stay tuned and to adapt our behavior for a harmonious and benevolent canine and human cohabitation.

Mugs for dog fans

Whether as a teacup or coffee mug at home or at work, a dog owner can always use mugs with great dog pictures and funny dog ​​sayings! Incidentally, cups can also be wonderfully misused as pen holders or as flower pots and are therefore always a great and practical gift idea!

Activity monitor for dogs as a gift idea

More and more people are monitoring their physical activity and sleep. This trend is now coming more and more for dogs. An activity monitor for the dog is a great gift idea for any occasion, especially for dog owners who are enthusiastic about sports.

Key racks, wardrobes, and leash holders

How about a keyboard or a coat rack in the shape of a dog? A dog owner will also be happy about an unusual dog leash holder: Then the dog leashes are no longer lying around all over the house and you can always find exactly the leash you need – a very practical gift.


A suitable gift for dog owners is often not so easy to find. A little something is often simply given to the dog. A chewing toy or, of course, homemade treats are suitable for this.

However, if the dog has allergies or intolerances, you should rather choose other gifts. The same applies if it is to be funny, original, a personal gift, or a gift that the dog owner can relate to himself. Then the gift search often becomes more difficult. That’s why we’ve put together a great selection for you as inspiration.

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