Underwear Essentials: Building the Ultimate Drawer


Having a number of staple underwear choices can allow you to mix and match your wardrobe that much easier. This may enable you to better plan your outfits, depending on what you have to do that day. Rather than simply filling your underwear with one type of underwear, you might want to think about the different hobbies you have, as well as various aspects of your life. This could allow you to be able to put together any outfit when required.

Make yourself feel good

Although underwear may be there to serve a purpose, you might want to look and feel good in the items you choose. Adding some thongs to your underwear drawer may help you to feel sexy, whether you are preparing for a day at the office, going on a romantic date, or simply sitting at home and lounging around.

Having items in your drawer that make you feel more attractive and desirable could potentially help you to appear more confident to others throughout the day. In addition to this, some thongs can be seamless, allowing you to wear them with more figure-hugging outfits without any lines or bulges appearing in the fabric.

Underwear with a purpose

At the other end of the scale can be underwear that really serves a purpose in life. You might be tempted to wear ratty old underwear during your period, but this can make you feel uncomfortable, or even unattractive. In addition to this, you might find that these items quickly become stained and even more gross-looking as time goes by.

Rather than constantly buying new items for this week, you could instead opt for some period underwear that is specifically designed to look smart, but also act as a barrier. The use of this may also mean that you are able to forego pads or tampons, instead using the underwear for that purpose and then washing it. This could be ideal for those who want to live more sustainably and save money in the long run.

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Don’t forget about bras

Your underwear drawer might not only contain panties. You might also want a few good quality bras in there too. A few simple t-shirt bras can be great for everyday wear. You might also want to consider some lacy or strapless numbers for when you really want to impress.

Should you need to stay active, or want to go to the gym, you might also find it useful to have at least one good quality sports bra included within the mix. Ensuring that you try on bras before you make your purchase can help you to check that they fit correctly. Opting for more neutral colors might also allow you to better match them with both new underwear and those that you already own.

Filling your underwear drawer with useful items, and storing them in their designated categories, can make it easier for you to put any outfit together. You might want to consider your lifestyle, and personal preferences, when making any new purchases.

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