Types of Carpet Stains & How to Remove Those Carpet Stains


No matter how much vacuuming you do on your carpet, the sad part is that so many stains don’t just come off no matter how hard you try. This article is for your information on how many kinds of carpet stains and how to remove those carpet stains.

80% of all stains are water-soluble!

That means: We remove 80% of all stains from carpets with water. And all of this without an additional cleaner. We have tested it ourselves and can confirm the effectiveness of the technique shown. Carpet companies also recommend removing stains with this type of method. Great that there is a possibility without any chemical helpers.

How to Remove Stains From Carpet

A stain should be treated immediately. There are many different types of stains in carpets or carpets. Here you will find the soiling that occurs most frequently in carpeting:

Fresh (damp) stains are best removed from carpeting by dabbing with a paper towel or absorbent cloth. Avoid rubbing, as this will only roughen the fiber unnecessarily.

Dried Stains are best loosened as far as possible with a non-pointed metal object (e.g. a spoon) and then brushed out and vacuumed.

Red Wine should be dabbed off the carpets immediately and then cleaned with a suitable carpet cleaner The same strategy should be used with  tea and fruit juices

Water-Soluble Stains need to be moistened and softened again and carefully dabbed off the carpet. The stain in the carpet should not be smeared any further.

Greasy and Oily Stains should be removed from carpets with carpet cleaners. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Regular Strains

Beer, liqueur, sugar, cocoa, coffee and milk can be removed with lukewarm, distilled water. To do this, dab the stain with a soft absorbent cloth. There are also carpet cleaners in specialist shops that are suitable. Please always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use so as not to damage the floor covering.

Candle wax needs to harden and dry. Only when this has hardened in the carpet can it crumble off. The wax residues that still remain can be removed with the help of a conventional blotting paper. To do this, place the blotting paper on the wax stain in the carpet and soften the wax with a warm iron or a hairdryer. The blotting paper now soaks up the wax. Please feel your way with the heat so as not to damage the carpet.

Ink stains can be treated and removed with a clover salt solution. You can get this in the pharmacy. To do this, dab the solution onto the area to be treated with a white, soft cloth. A simple ink killer should be enough for small stains with ink.

Chewing gum must be frozen and can be removed with a special spray that freezes the chewing gum. The chewing gum is then “smashed” with a hammer, it splinters and can be sucked off. Place a cloth between the hammer and the gum stain.

Greasy and oily stains should be removed with a carpet cleaner. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use. If there is no cleaner at hand, first dab the stain with an absorbent cloth so that the stain does not spread unnecessarily in the carpet.

Unknown stains If you have no idea what kind of stain is on the carpet, treat it as if it were a water-soluble stain for now. Then use a universal carpet cleaner to completely remove the carpet stain

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