Top 10 Tips to Quit Smoking


Smoking is a bad vice in many ways that many people would like to get rid of. 1300 people die every day from the effects of smoking in the USA. Some of the worst effects include cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, respiratory disease, and other cancers. 90% of all lung cancer cases in men are due to smoking.

Is Smoking A Sin?

As we are all well aware, ”smoking is injurious to health”, Listening and reading all over this phrase all our lives plus seeing with our own eyes how it affects health and killing people. Even though religion does not say specifically that ”Smoking is a sin”. But we can apply the rule of how it is affecting your health and the people surrounded by you. The 10 tips below can help you quit smoking.

Eat Fruits Instead of Smoking

Often smokers are afraid of gaining weight if they stop smoking. To counteract this, you should pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially while you are quitting smoking.

Sport and Exercise

Exercise and exercise are the right tools to keep you from falling into a slump while quitting smoking. That lifts the mood, is healthy and also distracts.

Daily Cigarette Budget in a Money Box

Smoking is not only unhealthy but also expensive. A heavy smoker can easily spend over CHF 2,500 on smoking per year. Put the money aside instead of continuing to invest in cigarettes.

Chewing Gum Instead of a Cigarette

To get through the first and worst phase of smoking cessation, you can resort to chewing gum. Every time you feel like having a cigarette, you can distract yourself with a piece of chewing gum.

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Nicotine Replacement Products

Substitute products like nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum can help you quit smoking slowly. But you have to be careful not to just shift the addiction. You should seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

Meditation Instead of Cigarette

Many smokers use the cigarette as a stress-relief valve. If you finally want to become a non-smoker, you can replace your daily cigarettes with one or more short meditations or with yoga. Yoga also relaxes and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid Smoking Area

Smokers like to enjoy the company of other addicts. From now on you have to consistently avoid the smoking area. Make it clear to all friends and work colleagues that you have quit smoking.

Stand Firm

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world. The nicotine reaches the brain within 10 seconds of being inhaled. This is faster than any injection with a needle. After two hours, the nicotine is broken down again and the brain cries out for a new dose. Every single cigarette makes you addicted again. From now on, the following applies: Stay away from cigarettes!

Smoking Makes you Sick

Regularly become aware of how harmful smoking can be for you and your family. Your lifetime is shortened with every cigarette! Smoking increases the risk of 17 types of cancer. Smoking can lead to allergies, asthma, and chronic bronchitis. Smokers’ skin ages visibly faster. There are numerous reasons to quit smoking now.

Finally Non-Smokers

Allen Carr’s book “Finally Non-Smokers” has helped many people to quit smoking. The book promises that you can overcome physical and psychological addiction without exerting your will. It moves you to critically question your addiction so that you can independently come to the conclusion that you want to turn your back on smoking.

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