Top 10 Perfumes for Women


Smells let us indulge in memories, they make us dream and send us on imaginary journeys to exotic countries or distant landscapes.

We started looking for the currently most popular perfumes for women on the basis of reviews and found real classics as well as novelties. Here are the 10 women’s fragrances, let yourself be inspired by your choice of gifts!

1) “Black Opium” by Yves Saint Laurent


With “Black Opium”, Yves Saint Laurent re-staged the heavy fragrance classic from the 80s, “ Opium ”. Now the perfume is even more rebellious, louder and more provocative.

Unmistakable Scent

Notes of coffee beans, sambac jamsin and orange blossom give the composition its unmistakable scent. The base note concludes with warm vanilla, patchouli and cedar.

2) “Guilty” by Gucci

Gucci Guilty EDT Pour Femme Top 10 Perfumes for women

With “Guilty” from Gucci on your skin, you will attract attention! The oriental-warm fragrance seduces with an aroma of mandarin and a dash of pink pepper in the top note.

Patchouli gives “Guilty” Strength

The heart note becomes floral with lilac and geranium before the trademark of all Gucci fragrances, the patchouli, really comes into its own. In combination with the feminine amber it gives the fragrance its true strength.

3) “Good Girl” by Carolina Herrera


A fragrance with which you can attract attention, not only because the bottle is a real eye-catcher: “Good Girl” by Carolina Herrera.

Popular Fragrance for Young Women

Romantic and passionate, like a summer’s day in a flower meadow, is this wonderful women’s fragrance by Carolina Herrera. A popular perfume for active young women.

4) “Chloé” by Chloé


The design house Chloé launched a fresh, elegant fragrance ten years ago with its perfume of the same name. Woody cedar provides mysterious warmth and meets fresh peony in the top note.

Classic Fragrance Exudes Subtle Elegance

The French classic fragrance exudes subtle elegance paired with youthful charm. Let yourself be seduced and discover “Chloé”.

5) “Sì Passione” by Giorgio Armani

Sì Passione Giorgio Armani Best 10 Perfumes for women

Giorgio Armani sees his “Sì” perfume as an homage to the new femininity: an irresistible mixture of grace, strength and an independent spirit.

Feminine and Sensual: “Sì” by Giorgio Armani

The Armani perfume unfolds its feminine-sensual effect through the combination of mandarin, black currant liqueur and Sicilian bergamot. Say yes to love, yes to life and yes to yourself: the unique scent of “Sì” is simply gorgeous.

6) “La vie est belle” by Lancôme


Life is beautiful, life is wonderful. Created for positive women who enjoy life, the women’s fragrance launched in 2012 is already known as a “modern classic”.

Classic Fragrance with a Powdery Note

After the first spray, “La vie est belle” comes up with fruity pear and currant, then becomes flowery with orange blossom to develop a powdery note in the finish with patchouli essence. Enjoy life and the right fragrance!

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7) “Miss Dior” by Dior

MISS DIOR Best Perfumes for Women

Spray “Miss Dior” and wear the joy of life on your skin. Blood orange enchants with freshness and liveliness.

“Miss Dior” – Unmistakable Signature

The floral heart note with essences of neroli and Damascus rose gives it elegance. Indonesian patchouli creates an unmistakable signature.

8) “Scandal” by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Scandal Jean Paul Gaultier Best Fragrances for Women

With his “Scandal” perfume, Jean-Paul Gaultier is launching another fragrance with addictive potential.

“Scandal”: Seductively Wicked

During the day it smells seductively fresh of honey with aromas of gardenia and blood orange. In the night the wicked patchouli appears next to the honey.

9) “Libre” by Yves Saint Laurent

“Libre” by Yves Saint Laurent Top 10 Perfumes for Women

The fragrance “Libre” by Yves Saint Laurent is perfect for the cold season thanks to its warm ingredients.

A Perfume for Every Occasion

Thanks to vanilla, orange blossom and musk, it is an elegant, mysterious and sensual fragrance. “Libre” is characterized by its cool undertones such as lavender and neroli, which together with the warm components create an excellent game.

10) “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Top Summer Fragrances for Women

The “Daisy” fragrance by Marc Jacobs has been very popular for years – its main note is light and flowery.

Top Perfume for Summer Lovers

Summer, sun, lightness: If you want to keep this feeling in winter, this fragrance is just the thing for you. Vanilla, musk, strawberry and vanilla make a wonderful mix. Definitely at the top of our top 10 list of the best perfumes.


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