Top Investment Pieces Every Woman Needs in Her Closet


When it comes to any woman’s closet, there are a few staples that need to go above and beyond in terms of look, feel, and style. The better made, better designed these items, the longer they will last because it is these five investment pieces that will take your personal style to the next level. Forget trends, forever fun designs; these are the items you will wear again and again:

The Tailored Office-Wear

The white, button-down shirt is a staple in many “must-have lists,” but there are a few things you need to know beforehand. One, it is actually difficult to find a white buttoned-down shirt that is well designed for women. The reason? Our breast sizes, waists, and hips are all different. What might be too frumpy on one woman might be too tight on another.

That is where tailoring comes into play. Choose a great, well-made item to start with that fits you generously and then take it in to be tailored. You won’t be able to find an item on the rack that is perfect, but you can tailor it to be so.

The Luxurious, Well-Made Handbag

Your handbag can be a staple to your wardrobe if you only choose a timeless design that doesn’t just look great but is made exceedingly well. It might put you back a certain amount, but if it lasts you twenty years you are still saving money in the long run, as opposed to buying more affordable bags more often.

The Very Flattering Dress

The little black dress might be a timeless addition to any wardrobe, but the real investment piece is simply the dress that flatters your figure and makes you feel undeniably beautiful. The better it is made and the more luxurious the material, the better you will feel in it.

The Timeless Coat That Actually Keeps You Warm

Just as there are dresses that flatter different body types, so too are there different coats. By not only finding a coat that flatters you but one that actually keeps you warm on the cold winter nights, you can have a coat for a lifetime. The better made it is, the longer it will last. In fact, this coat could even outlast you if you invest in the right piece.

Luxurious Jewelry That Accessorizes Everything

While statement jewelry might be all the rage, it is the timeless, stunning and often understated pieces that you will want to wear year after year, decade after decade. You could invest in luxury pearl jewelry that will act as a stylish partner in crime for your whole life, and then pass it on to your daughter or granddaughter for her to enjoy for her whole life.

Other unique pieces like vintage engagement rings or estate statement necklaces are a great way to incorporate timelessness that you can pass down to your family as well. Investment jewelry is a must addition to any wardrobe and is a key part of adding flair and interest to every outfit you own.

Investment pieces should be chosen carefully, and don’t be afraid to save up for them. The goal is to choose an item that will last decades and be stylish your whole life because when it comes to fashion, there are some pieces that are eternally flattering.

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