Top 6 Haircare Treatments for Women Over 40


If you are still using the haircare products you used in your 20s and 30s, it’s time to reassess. As women age, their hair changes, and the way you treat it should change, too. Fortunately, many studies have been done over the years to learn more about the way hair changes as women turn 40 and older. These studies have led to outstanding haircare treatments that can improve your hair.

Untangled Vs. Nutrafol

Many women wonder, “Does hair ever stop growing?” Absolutely. There are many reasons hair growth may slow or cease altogether. These reasons may include:

  • Menopause
  • Medications or illness
  • Stress
  • Thyroid disorders or anemia
  • Chemical products or over-styling
  • Genetics

With all this in mind, one of the first hair treatments you may wish to consider is hair supplements. These are typically in capsule form that you take once or twice a day with water. Supplements ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to grow strong, healthy hair. Take time to compare different supplements, such as Untangled vs. Nutrafol, to make sure you choose the one that will benefit your hair the most.

Hair Growth Serum

Aging can cause your hair to become brittle, thin out, and break off. It can often seem slow to grow back and replace the hair you’ve lost. Hair loss can be the result of a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Bacterial or fungal infections
  • Shock to the hair follicles
  • Hormonal imbalances

A hair serum for growth may be just what you need to stimulate hair cell production again. Usually applied topically, hair serums can show results after just a month of use.

Leave-In Conditioner

Every other week or so, use a leave-in conditioner. It will increase the moisture content of your tresses and help them stay soft and silky. Older hair becomes more dry and coarse over time. Occasional deep conditioning replaces the natural hydration of younger, healthy hair.

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Hair Mask

We all know about face masks, but what’s a hair mask? It’s a treatment that deeply nourishes your hair follicles. This is especially important if you use heat to style your hair. Look for natural ingredients like:

  • Jojoba, almond, avocado, or olive oil
  • Honey
  • Yogurt and eggs

If you are blow drying, using a curling wand, or straightening your hair frequently, use a hair mask once a week.

Scalp Massager

This feels so good, you just might want to use it every time you shampoo. Massaging the scalp improves blood circulation to your hair follicles. This can help stimulate healthy growth. Try it when you shower or use it with an oil treatment.

Clarifying Shampoo

For a deep, gentle clean that strips away only dirt and leaves nothing behind, get a clarifying shampoo. As hair ages it becomes more porous, absorbing more from the environment. Clarifying shampoo removes impurities and pollution that build up over time, letting your natural, healthy hair shine through.

Talk to your hairdresser about additional hair treatments you can use. All of these products are available online or in stores. Enjoy finding the ones that work for you.

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