TOP 10 Gifts that Children Love & Parents Hate


There are quite a few gifts that parents simply do not go over well with. Grandma and grandpa or friends of course only mean it well, but you just can’t understand the enthusiasm for the gift yourself. Here you can find out which toys and gifts mothers and fathers find particularly annoying, and also how you can avoid unpopular gifts from the outset.

1) Dangerous toys

Everything that is sharp, A pocket knife may be exciting for a child, but it needs a sure instinct and is only suitable from kindergarten age. Anything that contains small parts that can be swallowed can also be dangerous for small and crawling children.

2) Toys that are not (yet) age-appropriate

The age recommendation on toys has a well-thought-out point. A 3-year-old simply cannot do anything with a 100-piece puzzle from the age of 6. Unfortunately, the well-intentioned gift will initially gather dust untouched on the shelf for some time.

3) Toys that parents have to assemble

Some parents – especially the fathers – love to build their own toys. But others do not like it at all.

4) Pets

Unfortunately, pets still move in with families as gifts. There is no question that parents, in particular, do not find this a good thing – in the end, they are often the ones who clean the rabbit hutch or have to take the dog for a walk. This has to be well planned and thought through beforehand, also for the sake of the animal. Pet for children?

5) Instruments

A classic among the unpopular gifts! After the second day at the latest, when the new drum or rattle is played continuously, mom and dad are close to a nervous breakdown.

6) Toys that you just don’t stand behind

Some toys are neither loud nor dangerous, but they just don’t fit into the parenting concept. This can be a Barbie doll as well as a toy gun.

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7) Too much or too expensive

Particularly large, lavish, or very many gifts are often not very popular in the family. Of course, the children are happy, but mum and dad can quickly feel guilty and they might ask themselves the question: Do I have to return the favor somehow? Will my own gifts still go down well at all?

8) Toys with too many small parts

A pirate ship or a knight’s castle made up of thousands of small pieces may look great and be great to play with, but after a while, the parts are usually spread throughout the entire apartment or house, and you have to be careful so that they don’t disappear in the vacuum cleaner.

9) Sweets

In more and more families, care is taken to ensure that the child does not eat excessive sweets. Lots of chocolate and sweets as gifts usually do not cause enthusiasm at all.

10) That Annoying toy

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There are many toys, especially for toddlers, that repeatedly make the same sound or say the same thing. When something like this has to come into the house, most parents like to decide on a toy themselves.

Good planning is everything

As you can see, there are quite a few gifts that could cause displeasure among parents. Only one thing can help against this: Communicate in advance! When it comes to a birthday or Christmas, you as a parent should tell anyone who would like to give something which gift would be a good idea. This avoids disappointment on all sides. If you want to please the child of friends or relatives yourself, the same applies: It is best to agree on the gift beforehand.

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