5 Top Beauty Tips for the Mother of the Bride


It is a big responsibility being the mother of the bride. Not only will you want to look beautiful to represent your daughter on the most special day of her life, but you will also need to provide support to help her with the wedding planning and calm her nerves.

With so much responsibility to juggle in the run-up to the wedding, you might wonder how you will manage to find the time to prepare for the big day yourself. To help make the process as easy as possible, read the below five beauty tips for the mother of the bride.

Choose the Right Outfit

Finding the perfect outfit can often feel a challenge. You’ll want to look and feel your best, so you can stand proudly alongside the beautiful bride on her wedding day. However, you must avoid wearing white,and you also must not buy a dress that will be more extravagant than the bride’s wedding gown. Also, aim to find a wedding style that will complement the wedding style, and run your choice by your daughter to ensure she approves of your look.

Pick the Perfect Hat

The next item on your list is picking the perfect hat. To truly stand out in the wedding photos and feel glamorous, take your pick from a beautiful collection of designer wedding hats from the likes of Rachel Trevor-Morgan, Nigel Rayment, and Gina Foster Millinery. Pick a style and color that not only complements your dress but will suit the wedding theme, too.

Schedule a Haircut

You will want to be by your daughter’s side on the morning of her wedding day, and the last thing she will want is for you to run off to a hairstylist. If you need to trim your locks, ensure you book an appointment for a new hairstyle a day or two before her special day. A hairstylist can then simply tweak your style on the morning of the wedding, and you will be there to settle any jitters your daughter might have.

Treat Yourself to a Manicure or Pedicure

Your nails will be another accessory to your wedding outfit and might even stand out on the wedding photographs. For this reason, you should pick a manicure and pedicure color that complements your dress, hat, or shoes. Doing so will help you to create a unified, stylish look that will prove to other guests that you have great attention to detail.

Book a Makeup Artist

Unless you have a talent for contouring, leave your makeup to the experts on your daughter’s big day. If possible, schedule the same makeup artist as the bride-to-be, which can eliminate hassle and fuss. Think carefully about the look you want for the big day and the features you want to highlight and convey your wishes to the makeup artist. It will ensure you are 100% happy with your appearance from start to finish of the wedding day, which will boost your confidence.


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