Top 10 Countries with the Happiest People


Luck has nothing to do with where you live – one would think. However, statistics and surveys regularly confirm that some countries have happier and happier residents. So it seems to have a small influence on personal happiness where on the globe you live. The United Nations World Happens Report examined the happiness of people in 156 countries, taking scientific factors into account. In our top 10 list, we present to you which countries have the happiest inhabitants and what makes the people there particularly happy

10) Luxembourg

The entire state of Luxembourg, which is located in Central Europe and covers an area of ​​2,500 km2, has only around 630,000 inhabitants. The Grand Duchy is small and regulated, well-kept, rather wealthy and safe. These factors all seem to help its residents feel comfortable and happy.

9) Austria

Austria is rich in history and culture, but also in happy people. A beautiful natural landscape and a good climate ensure that people here describe themselves as happy. Perhaps the happiness of the residents is reflected in the high life expectancy of Austrians.

8) New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand offers its residents a good safety net and a social foundation that guarantees freedom for the individual. The feeling of happiness also benefits significantly from this. The country is also a popular holiday destination and who wouldn’t want to live where others go on holiday?

7) Sweden

The small state of Luxembourg lies in the border region between Germany, France and Belgium. The state has a significant peculiarity: a tax agreement with companies that conduct their business from here. The tax savings have ensured that the capital is home to as many as 148 international banks.

6) Netherlands

The land of mills and meadows – residents of the Netherlands feel happy and say that the generosity of their fellow men is one of many reasons for this. The social security fabric is also a reason to be happy. The location by the sea and the well-kept picture in numerous cities make residents in the Netherlands happy.

5) Norway

Norway is also consistently in the top 10 list in the ranking. As in many other countries, the social safety net makes a significant contribution to the happiness of the residents. Personal freedom and individual possibilities are also important and are crucial for the feeling of happiness.

4) Iceland

Friendship is important to Icelanders. When asked about their feelings of happiness, one of the decisive factors is the cohesion between friends and family members. This was rated above average and is viewed by people as a factor that causes happiness.

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3) Switzerland

Untouched nature, ski slopes and a lot of chocolate – it is not surprising that Switzerland regularly appears in the top 10 happiest countries. The country convinces with a high GDP, a stable government and reliable institutions. Political rights and the distribution of income are also well implemented in Switzerland and make the population feel more happy.

2) Denmark

Denmark is also one of the “happy Scandinavians” and offers its residents a lot of autonomy and freedom. The proven stability and security are plus points for people’s feelings. All of these factors often play a role in whether or not people consider themselves happy.

1) Finland

Social security, high life expectancy, low levels of corruption, a well-functioning state model and high income are some of the factors that Finnish citizens use to evaluate their happiness. The way people interact with one another and social trust are also lucky charms and make the country in Northern Europe the country with the happiest inhabitants in the world.


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