5 Tips to Prevent Your Fence From Warping


Wood fencing is a natural product that enhances the look and feel of your property, but there is always the risk of warping as a result of being exposed to a variety of weather conditions.

Using a professional fence and deck contractor will improve your chances of obtaining beautiful, long-lasting wood fence panels that not only look good but have also been installed correctly.

However, you also have to assume some responsibility when it comes to the maintenance and protection of your wood fence.

The threat of warping can be reduced if you use pressure-treated wood that has been strongly constructed and installed, together with the right sealants. There are also some useful tips you can follow to minimize the prospect of your fence warping.

The right type of wood

Your fencing contractor will know which type of wood fencing to use on your property based on the type of weather it is going to be exposed to.

There are certain types of wood that are better at absorbing less water and moisture than others. Redwood is a prime example, as it has natural chemical properties that resist moisture.

Pressure-treating the wood will help

Your fencing can always do with a helping hand when it comes to getting the most protection from the threat of warping.

Choosing fence panels that have been pressure-treated is a good choice. This means your fencing has preservatives that prevent rotting.

Keeping your boards and panels as straight as possible

Another good way of preventing the prospect of warping is to use building materials or a degree of pressure to keep the boards and panels as straight as possible.

Storing the wood so that it is as straight as possible will help prevent warping.

Seasoned wood is best

Allowing the water in your wood to naturally evaporate or heating them in a kiln will make a huge difference to whether you suffer from warping or not.

It is always a good idea to install seasoned wood that has had the opportunity to naturally acclimatize and reduce moisture before use.

Spending money on seasoned wood is well worth doing when you see how much better protected the timber becomes after it has gone through that process.

Make sure your fence is as sturdy as possible

It stands to reason that if you want to prevent your fencing from warping you need to give it as much help and support as possible.

As well as using treated wood that is ready for the elements it is also essential that you have your fence professionally installed.

The reason for this is that when the construction is as sturdy as possible it won’t have the chance to bend or sag. Putting the supporting back rails at the right distance from each other at the top and bottom of the fence is another way of making sure your fence doesn’t warp.

You can definitely enjoy having a beautiful wooden fence that raises your backyard to a new level, and if you follow these tips it should reduce the risk of warping.

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