6 Tips to Help Your Team Win Games in League of Legends


As a League of Legends gamer, it is important to have a strong understanding of the game and how to give your team an edge. In this article, we will be discussing six tips that can help you improve your gaming skills and help your team win more games.

1) Know your role and play it well

One of the most important aspects of League of Legends is understanding what role you are playing and how you can contribute to your team’s success. Whether you are playing as a support, tank, or carry, it is important to know your team’s strengths and weaknesses and play your role accordingly.

One of the best ways to master your understanding of your role is by getting in plenty of practice. The more you play and spend time on websites such as VamosGG, the better you’ll understand how your role works within the game. You can do this by playing in custom games against bots, or in normal games. You can also read articles and watch videos that teach about the different roles and how they work within the game.

2) Stay focused and don’t get angry

It is important to remember that League of Legends is a mental game as much as it is a physical one. Getting angry, can ruin your concentration and cause you to make poor decisions in-game. If you feel yourself getting angry, take a break and try to come back with a clear head.

3) Farm efficiently and don’t die needlessly

Farming is one of the most important aspects of League of Legends. Put simply, farming involves killing large waves of minions and monsters to gather gold and experience. Getting more gold than your opponents allows you to buy better items and gives you an overall advantage in the game. However, it is important to farm efficiently and not die needlessly in the process.

4) Communicate with your team

League of Legends is a team game and communication is key to success. If you are not communicating with your team, you are at a severe disadvantage. Make sure to let your team know what you are doing, whether you are going to gank a lane, push a tower, or anything else. In addition, call out missing enemies, so your team knows when it is safe to engage.

5) Play to your champion’s strengths

If you’re playing a Mage, for example, make sure to stay back and harass the enemy with your spells. If you’re playing a Fighter, make sure to get in the enemy’s face and beat them down. Knowing how to best play your champion is key to winning games.

When choosing a champion in League of Legends, it’s important to consider your playstyle. If you’re more of a harasser, then a Mage or Assassin champion may be a good choice for you. If you prefer to get up close and personal with the enemy, then a Fighter or Tank champion may be more suited for you.

6) Pay attention to your Summoner’s rift

The Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends is a map that consists of three lanes, five turrets per lane, and one inhibitor turret. There are also three main jungle areas on the map, which each contain a small camp, a large camp, and a dragon. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus, which is located in their base. Knowing the layout of the map and where each turret is located is crucial for strategic play.

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Teamwork is vital when playing League of Legends

Teamwork is essential in League of Legends and across all e-sports. When everyone on the team understands their role and works together, they are much more likely to win games.

Many different factors go into a successful game, but collaboration is one of the most important. If you want to start winning more games in League of Legends, follow some of the tips mentioned above to help your team work better together.

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