5 Tips For Single Parents


Separated, divorced, widowed, living alone from the start – no matter what your circumstances are, the important question for all single-parent families is: How do you bring everything under one roof? Here are 5 tips for a single parent to cop up with all.

1) Don’t Be Afraid of Less Money!

As a single mother or father, you should take advantage of all financing options. To do this, however, you have to pay attention to a lot of things, visit the authorities and submit applications. It can happen that you have to enforce your claims even through legal action against bureaucratic hurdles or unwilling to pay maintenance obligations. Sometimes with success, sometimes without.

First example

With the “Strong Family Law”, the child allowance was opened in 2020 for single parents and families with medium incomes. That means: If your application has been rejected so far, it may now be worthwhile to submit it again (more information in the flyer¬† “Strong Family Law” ).

Second example

Half of all single parents receive no money, another 25 percent either irregularly or too little money from the dependent parent. This is one of the main reasons for the high risk of poverty. However, in such cases, the state steps in with the maintenance advance. You have to apply for this at the youth welfare office and it will then be paid out to you monthly ( more about the maintenance advance ).

2) Good Organization is Everything!

In order not to lose the overview, it is best to use simple tools that definitely serve their purpose: a good calendar, folder for applications and paperwork (with registry) and a budget planner. You can do this online or traditionally with a household book and calculator, the main thing is that there is still money left at the end of the month.

Organize child care

In order to really be able to take up a job, you have to arrange childcare. There are hardly any alternatives for single parents. The good news is: childcare costs for daycare, daycare, or after-school care are covered under certain conditions. The contact persons are the youth welfare offices, which also provide information about day nurseries and day-care groups. Single parents are often given preferential treatment – so be sure to add that! There is also a legal right to care for children under the age of three

3) Together You are Less Alone!

You don’t have to start from scratch – team up with other single parents. Where do you find this? There are of course online groups in which you can ask around, but the advice centers of Caritas and the Social Service of Catholic Women (SkF) also help in making contacts. Men can also turn to them, no question about it! In order to find the right contact point at your location, simply enter your city or postcode in the address search box on this page. Another good place to find like-minded people is the “Children at a Glance” course for separated parents, which is offered at many counseling centers!

4) Treat Yourself to Something!

As a single parent, you have several jobs at the same time: work, household chores, upbringing – but if you run out of strength at some point, where should the strength for your children come from? So it is very important that you take care of yourself and take time for yourself to recharge your batteries.

5) Get Advice!

What does minimum maintenance mean and what happens when the child comes of age?

If there is not enough money to support the child, you can apply for social allowance, social assistance, child allowance, and housing allowance. How and where, and under what conditions?

In addition, there are many foundations that offer help, including some financial support. Just which and how to apply?

All of these questions cannot be answered in one video – and googling is not enough either. Be sure to seek professional advice. In addition to the youth welfare office, you can contact independent organizations, which are charities such as Caritas, the churches or non-profit associations. As a rule, as with the youth welfare office, advice is free of charge. Caritas also offers online advice for parents and families.

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I am Jessica Moretti, mother of 1 boy and 2 beautiful twin angels, and live in on Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia. I started this blog to discuss issues on parenting, motherhood and to explore my own experiences as a parent. I hope to help you and inspire you through simple ideas for happier family life!


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