Tips For Picking The Right Type Of Wallpaper For a Bathroom Remodel


Nowadays, wallpaper has become very popular among homeowners. Wallpaper perfectly gives a great touch of luxury and individuality to your home. The use of wallpaper has become a trend since middle of the last century and has adapted to our test. Its use creates a dated and “antique” interior in your home. But often small and off to the side when it comes to decorating the bathroom, many equations will come up.

Decorating with wallpaper in the bathroom is a bit difficult because of fluctuating temperatures and relative humidity levels. Homeowners often use expensive wallpaper for bathroom decor, but it quickly becomes obsolete. As with any other product, selecting the best bathroom wallpaper requires technology and techniques. When choosing it, some questions come to mind: Can I use wallpaper in the bathroom? How can I select the perfect wallpaper for the bathroom? Read to the end to get the answer to the question and some tips about wallpaper.

Debunking Bathroom Wallpaper Myths

The wallpaper used in bathroom decor is peel and stick wallpaper. There is a saying that this type of wallpaper peels off within a month. For this reason, they think the wallpaper will bubble due to fluctuations in relative humidity and temperature. But this concept is ultimately a myth that is not true. Glue is used in wallpaper which is very good, and its surface is also good in moisture followed by low relative humidity.

The glue used in the wallpaper is hydrophilic, which means it responds to moisture. As a result, wallpaper does not easily connect to moisture or changes in relative humidity. So there is no change in their external and internal. It is also “pressure-sensitive.” “Pressure-sensitive” means it will not peel off unless you pull it hard.

Wallpaper Can’t Be Cleaned of Splatter

Many people think that wallpaper splatter cannot be cleaned or scrubbed off. As a result, the beauty and color of the wallpaper are lost, and this is a misconception. You can slowly clean the spilled food, drink, and other messes on the wallpaper. Many modern wallpapers are now washable. But sellers discourage this because they feel it will reduce the moisture tolerance of the wallpaper.

They encourage cleaning wallpaper without using water or other liquids. But currently, it is said to use a “natural sponge wet with soapy water.” This makes the pressure on the wallpaper less wear and tear. After this, wipe the wallpaper with a dry cloth. Vinyl wallpaper should be used in places where water usage is high in the bathroom. Apart from this, you can use non-vinyl wallpaper all over the bathroom.

Tips For Choosing the Right Wallpaper in The Bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper creates a beautiful and aesthetic atmosphere in the bathroom. It is a reflection of your taste. Some tips for selecting wallpaper in the bathroom r are shared:

Create a Feature Wall

In the past, Wallpaper was used on every wall to create a vibe. Your bathroom wallpaper will create a different vibe. You will find many beautiful and creative wallpapers made by hand or art. These wallpapers express your thoughts. Adds an artistic touch to your bathroom. You can lie in the bathtub and get lost in the beauty of the wallpaper.

Consider the Backing Paper Choices

After selecting the wallpaper color pattern, and design, you must consider its backing process. Will it cause trouble when you want to remove it? We know that wallpaper sticks to the wall with glue. But if you don’t have the backing process right, it will be tough to remove. Currently, “paste-the-wall” technology is used when installing wallpaper on walls. As a result, there is no need to get the wallpaper before applying it to the wall. And it can be peeled off relatively half the time and with less effort.

Consider Your Bathroom’s Use

Before installing wallpaper in the bathroom, you must know about its climate. There are different types of wallpaper for dry or wet environments. A dry atmosphere can use any wallpaper. Here wallpaper color, quality, nothing will change for a long time. But in a humid environment, you need to use wallpaper like vinyl wallpaper. They are water resistant, and water can be cleaned easily.

Determine Where You Want to Put It

Wallpaper placement in the bathroom is essential. Correct placement will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. If you can’t place the wallpaper correctly, it won’t look good. So always fix the right place before installing the wallpaper.

Final Words

The use of wallpaper in the bathroom is a sign of elegance. It has durability, and you can replace it whenever you want. The beautiful wallpaper selection is the expression of the artistic spirit within you. The above tips and information will help you choose the right beautiful and professional wallpaper.

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