Expert Tips For Long Lasting Holiday Makeup That Will Keep You Glowing Whole Day


Whether it is creating new memories with family and friends or attending glitzy events, everyone likes to enjoy the holiday season in a unique and special way and feeling and looking fabulous at the same time.

Having said that, the friction that comes from wearing a face covering for several hours, combined with the sweat and heat from the afternoon sun it will be a miracle if your makeup lasts till 12pm, leaving aside the whole day.

From an organic natural cleansing balm and metallic shadow to tricks that can keep your looks long-lasting, here are some expert tips to add to your holiday makeup playbook right now.

Use the right moisturizer

Care for your skin is equally important as care for the makeup you apply on it. Start by applying an oil-free moisturizer in the morning and an oil-free foundation formula to match. This will give a non-greasy look all day long, especially in the heat.

Put layers of sun protection

Once you have hydrated your skin, it is time to think about protecting it from the rays of the sun as well. To achieve this, you will need to don broad spectrum SPF 30 or high sunscreen every single day and every few hours on your holiday. Applying makeup over sunburned skin may not be an appealing proposition.

Apply a good makeup primer

Primers are the key to going about during summer as they help hold the makeup in place all day long without imparting the heavy layer look. If you have oily skin, investing in a powerhouse primer will make all the difference between greasy skin and a radiant-looking glow.

Set it right

Once you have applied your makeup, seal it right with a setting spray or setting powder. In case you want a bit more coverage, use a pigmented powder in loose or packed form.

Another option is to try a translucent setting powder in order to add some matter to prevent giving a flat look and keep everything in place long for a  flawless finish.

Apply eye primer

There are primers especially designed for eyes and are excellent when it comes to making the eye makeup last. Eye primer can give you a smooth surface for applying concealer and makeup and also act as a barrier to prevent excess oil from fading the makeup, particularly under the eyelids.

To make the pigments in your makeup pop and look rich on the skin as they do on the palate apply a thin layer of eye primer onto a moisturized face around the entire area of the eyes before starting your face makeup.

Fill in your eyebrows

Imagine spending hours shaping your eyebrows only to have them disappear at the first sign of sweat. Instead, use a waterproof eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse spots.

Next, shape your arches with a clear waterproof eyebrow sealer, and then make sure to include the eyebrows when you do the final sweep with setting powder.

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