4 Tips For Family-Friendly Home Decorating


As your family grows and gets older, you will naturally want your home to change and adapt to meet everyone’s needs in a better way. While as a couple, you might have enjoyed entertaining friends, having dinner parties, and enjoying a relaxed games night, once kids come into the picture, these kinds of spaces can feel impractical and awkward.

To help you make your home more family-friendly, read on for some easy design tips.

Clear out the spare room

Most of us have a spare room, garage, or other areas that have been accumulating all kinds of items over the years – from broken-down equipment, implements from the kitchen, outdated toys that are no longer being played with, and all kinds of other miscellaneous pieces we no longer need. You will probably find items you thought were long lost. It might feel like a chore, but it is worth biting the bullet and taking some time to clear this out. You may simply be able to throw things out yourself, or you may need a little extra help, in which case, look online for Jordan Disposal northwest Arkansas. 

Invest in some easy-to-use storage

If your home feels like it is constantly being filled up with various toys, books, and other items, it can be worth reviewing your storage solutions in your home. You may want to add some easy to access storage in all of the main areas in your home, such as children’s bedrooms, family rooms, and lounges. By making sure that everyone can use them easily, you can also encourage each family member to learn to clear up after themselves and put items back where they belong once they are finished with them.

Add warmth and comfort

We all have our own unique senses of taste for décor, but when it comes to raising a family, having a warm, comforting, and inviting space is essential for a relaxing space. Add soft furnishings that are tactile and easy to clean to avoid having to spend a lot of time removing dirt or stains while also ensuring you have a cocooning space to unwind in. Soft cushions, throws, and even cuddly toys can all make a room feel cozier.

Dedicate a space just for play

Having a room or area in your home that is just for play can make a huge difference to family life – it can encourage children to enjoy a sense of independence as they have control over one domain in the home, and it can also prevent the rest of the house becoming filled up with all kinds of detritus. This does not have to be a separate room in itself if that is not possible – even having a specific area of the main room can be enough. Make it feel like it belongs to the kids by adding bright, colorful, and fun touches, such as tactile floor coverings, wall hangings, or a chalkboard wall where they can scribble and draw to their heart’s content.

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