4 Top Tips for Clearer Skin


From oily patches to dry and flaky skin, spots and blackheads, to wide pores, flaws in the skin affect both men and women of all ages. Unfortunately, no matter how confident you are within yourself and your body, the appearance of your skin can have a big impact on your appearance, and if you are not happy with the look of your skin, it can affect the way you feel about yourself in the long run. Instead of trying to cover up blemishes with makeup, or attempting to use quick-fix creams to improve texture or tone, it is better to try simple remedies which will improve the appearance of your skin over time. With that in mind, here are four simple top tips to help you achieve clearer skin.

Wash your face before bed

Although it might not feel like it, during the day your skin becomes covered in a thin, practically imperceptible layer of grime, comprised of things like dust, dirt and other particles which you come into contact with. All of these elements get mixed in with the natural oils of the skin, blocking the pores, and if left overnight, this is more likely to cause zits, blackheads and a dull looking finish to the face. By washing your face nightly before bed, you rid your skin of this layer of oil and dirt, and avoid it being worked into the skin as you sleep, helping to keep your face clearer and reducing the risk of spots.

Be gentle with your skin

While it can be tempting to scrub your face thoroughly in order to remove dirt and excess oil, this can actually be extremely damaging to the skin, leaving it coarse, dry and patchy in places. Instead of harsh facial scrubs and rough washcloths, try using a linen cloth with a foam facial wash and warm water, as this will gently lift dirt and grease away from the skin without causing as much damage.

Make changes to your lifestyle

Your skin isn’t just affected by external factors in the environment, it is also affected by the internal workings of the body, from the foods you eat to hormone imbalances, which is why breakouts can often be triggered at certain times of the month. Low levels of testosterone can cause imbalances in the appearance of the skin, something which Testosterone replacement therapy in Philadelphia has been found to help with. Eating fewer sugars in your daily diet will also help to clear up the skin and reduce the likelihood of breakouts.

Be aware of too much skin contact

Touching your face, whether its with your hands or other items, such as regular contact with your phone screen, can introduce dirt and grime directly to the skin. Having bangs can also make the forehead oilier, making breakouts more likely. Try to avoid touching your face too often, wearing makeup unnecessarily, and using too many products on your skin when possible, as it is important not to continuously block the pores.



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