Timeshare Cancellations: Is Sending a Simple Email Enough to Get Out?


If you hear about a timeshare for the first time, the business model might make sense to you. On the surface, it sounds nice to have a guaranteed vacation spot available to you a couple of weeks out of the year or any other length of time that appeals. However, the timeshare industry has become infamous for its predatory practices, and few individuals or families who pay for one enjoy it as much as they anticipated.

You can visit https://acagroup.org/how-do-i-get-out-a-timeshare if you have bought into one and now want to free yourself of the obligations that come with it. You might also feel that sending a simple email will be enough to disentangle yourself from this situation.

Let’s discuss why this action might not have the result that you wanted.

The Rescission Period

If you go to a timeshare sales pitch, you might feel rushed by the people who are presenting it to you. This is by design. They often want to try and convince you that the fabulous deal they’re offering is only good on that particular day, and you need to sign the paperwork as quickly as possible to lock it in.

If you signed some paperwork and got into a timeshare deal, and now you regret doing so, the law grants you what is called the rescission period to change your mind. This is a window of time that varies according to the state in which you live.

If you try to cancel your timeshare membership during this period, you should find it easier than if you try to cancel after this allotted time is up. Still, sending an email saying you want out will not be sufficient. Speaking to the agent who sold you the timeshare in person is preferable. That way, they can’t claim they didn’t get the email.

What if You Can’t Talk to the Selling Agent in Person?

Maybe the individual who sold you the timeshare does not live in the same state or even the same country as you. If so, speaking to them in person might be challenging, but an email won’t be sufficient either.

Requesting a cancellation of your timeshare membership during the rescission period by mail is a better option than email. You should send a piece of certified mail if you go this route. That’s not always a foolproof solution, but at least you should get confirmation the mail was delivered to the intended recipient this way.

What if the Agent Who Sold You the Timeshare Won’t Let You Back Out?

Despite your best efforts, maybe the agent who sold you the timeshare won’t let you back out of the deal because of some technicality. There are enough predatory individuals in this business that this sort of thing is fairly common.

If this happens, contact a lawyer. You may need their help to negotiate the tricky legal situation in which you find yourself. An attorney who’s experienced in this area should prove an invaluable resource.

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