10 Things That No One Ever Mentions That Your Baby Will Do


They say that parenthood is full of surprises, and boy, are they not kidding. If you thought you had a handle on the quirky world of baby habits, think again. For every “typical” baby milestone, there’s a completely unexpected (and often comical) twist waiting just around the corner.

Sure, you’ve heard of first steps and first words, but what about the first inexplicable fear of socks or the sudden need to taste every remote in the house? Babies, with their boundless curiosity and no sense of societal norms, truly keep us on our toes. So, if you’re ready to delve into the endearingly weird universe of baby antics, let’s jump right in!

1) The Art of Baby Yoga

One of those things that never really comes up about babies is just how much they move around even when they are not mobile. You need to be careful and quick if you want to keep a squirming baby safe, and that’s for sure!

You’ll soon find that you have no need for a yoga instructor when you have a baby demonstrating some of the most contorted poses imaginable? From the classic “foot munch” to the advanced “pretzel twist,” these tiny humans are seriously flexible! So, you need to be seriously ready for them with a formidable, yet gentle grip!

2) The Food Critic Phase

You might think that babies are tiny and easy to pledge, so feeding them should be as simple as anything, right? Wrong! Yes, there are some babies who will eat everything you put in front of them from creamed corn to curry, but there are many more babies who suddenly become the world’s pickiest food critic when weaning time comes around, and it’s always best to be prepared for that possibility!

Your once easygoing baby is suddenly Gordon Ramsay, scrutinizing every spoonful you present. Introducing a new veggie? Be prepared for a reaction that ranges from utter disgust to absolute delight. And oh, those faces! The scrunched-up nose of disapproval, the wide-eyed surprise at a new flavor, or the pursed lips that basically say, “Mom, what IS this?” They can be a killer! Luckily, with perseverance, thisis a phase that passes pretty fast for most babies. Good luck!

3) The Great Sleep Regression Mystery

That 4 month old sleep regression is something that hits a lot of parents like a ton of bricks. It’s something they are so thoroughly not expecting after getting the baby into a decent sleep routine that lets everyone get some rest, that it can be absolutely soul-destroying when it happens, so it is weird how little it is talked about among parents – well actually, they’re probably too sleep deprived to even bring it up!

So, what exactly is sleep regression? It’s a period when a baby, who once slept soundly, suddenly begins waking up frequently during the night and refuses to go back to sleep. Infuriating? Just a bit. As for the cause, it can be a myriad of things: growth spurts, developmental milestones, or changes in their environment, so it can be hard to dodge, but at least now you know about it you can prepare yourself and start thinking of some killer strategies to get you all through.

4) Sudden Fear of Inanimate Objects

You know how dogs will sometimes take a look at your heater and decide they just don’t like it? They’ll bark at it and back away and never dare go into that corner again because there’s something just not right about it? Well, babies can do that too, and with the strangest of things.

Even if they have previously not shown any fear of your favorite cushion or had any kind of negative reaction to that hat their grandpa always wears, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it can become more terrifying to them than the latest Stephen King was to you and they can scream and wail and revise to go anywhere near that inoffensive inanimate object.

It’s a weird, but totally normal art of a baby’s development, so no need to panic if it happens to you, just move the thing and restore peace once again.

5) Loving Unconventional Lullabies

Okay, so this is a pretty fun one actually. When you’re ready about how to get your little one off to sleep, many of the baby books will probably recommend you single them a lullabylike Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, or Amazing Grace, but the truth of the matter is, these undoubtedly timeless tracks do not always do it for babies. No, some babies prefer to fall asleep to the rocking sounds of Nirvana or the rousing chants of the football field, and there is nothing wrong with that. Even if the lyrics are a bit dodgy for little ears, they’re too young to understand them right now, and if it means you can get a good night’s sleep, well it’s worth it, right?

6) The Master of Stealthy Escapes

You swaddle them snug, lay them down, and within moments they’ve morphed into a wriggly free elf, leaving their diaper and onesie in their wake. And just when you think you’ve mastered the art of dressing them, they show you their next trick—escaping the crib, the playpen, and sometimes even the high chair!

Yes, even small babies can, as we mentioned above, move around more than you might think, but not only that. sooner than you might think possible, they will be able to move around to the point that they can escape from their clothes, and maybe even the place you have put them down thinking they are perfectly safe for the moment! Yes, when you have a baby to look after, you really do need to have eyes in the back of your head too. You are also going to want to double-check those latches, invest in non-slip socks, and always, ALWAYS expect the unexpected.

7) Random Obsessions

You know how you started watching Grey’s Anatomy and for a few weeks you got really obsessed with the mechanics of surgery only to drop it and never think about it again once you moved on to the next thing? Well, babies do that too.

Yes, your little ones can develop random obsessions that hit right out of nowhere and consume them until the next thing comes along. What kind of random obsessions? It can be anything from that high-end, educational toy to a cardboard box to a particular song that they’ve heard on the radio. The only thing that is for certain is that they will plague your every waking hour asking for that thing, but at least you will have something that you know will keep them busy.

8) Expressive Babbling Conversations

Ever walked in to find your baby deeply engrossed in a conversation with the wall? Or maybe they’re passionately discussing the latest “milk” trends with their teddy. It’s one of those things you probably don’t expect as a new parent, but something which most babies do and it is super cute when you see it in action!

These adorable babbling sessions, filled with expressive coos, gurgles, and wide-eyed enthusiasm, are your little one’s very first attempts at communication, so obviously they should be encouraged alongside you speaking to your baby as much as possible too, of course. While they’re doing this, they will be processing sounds, imitating speech patterns, and honestly, just having a good old chatter too. So, it’s never a bad idea to celebrate these delightful monologues, and who knows, you might just pick up a word or two!

9) Fascination with Feet (and Toes!)

Although there are *ahem* some adults who love feet and toes quite a lot, for the most part, us adults are either indifferent to our feet or actively dislike that particular part of the body, so it can be quite funny to see that your baby is obsessed with their tootsies, but it’s actually really common.

From the moment they discover those wiggly piggies, it’s game on. They pull, poke, and even try to munch on them, and yes, it is as adorable as it sounds, and nothing you should worry about or discourage, In fact, playing “This little piggy” is one of the simplest joys of being a parent to a young baby, so enjoy it while you can!

10) Mimicking EVERYTHING You Do

Little babies really are like little sponges. They go about their days absorbing every little thing, especially when it comes to mimicking their favorite people—you! Be it your habit of chatting on the phone, sipping coffee, or even your trademark dance moves; they’re always watching, learning, and imitating. While it’s incredibly endearing to see your mini-me emulate your actions, it’s also a good reminder that your baby is taking everything in you do, so you should be trying to mind your language and model good behavior as much as possible.

So, there you have it – 10 things that no one ever mentions your baby will do, but which it is definitely worth knowing about, Enjoy your little one!

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I am Jessica Moretti, mother of 1 boy and 2 beautiful twin angels, and live in on Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia. I started this blog to discuss issues on parenting, motherhood and to explore my own experiences as a parent. I hope to help you and inspire you through simple ideas for happier family life!


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