The Steps & Tips to Make Iconic and Trendy Curly Hairstyle


Nowadays, the trend is to make curly hair. No more perfectly smooth hair, a whole new hairstyle is needed: the glamorous top of beautiful curls.

Making curly hair is the ideal option to style your hair naturally, redraw the curls, and to display a nice look. Do not think that this fashion is only made for people with afro hair, it can be adopted by everyone. Close up of the steps to make curly hair.

What is curly hair?

Curly hair is a hairstyle composed of perfect and well-defined curls. It is based on the use of different methods to redraw the loops and create new ones. It makes it possible to obtain more or less rounded and voluminous curls and it is also effective in softening curls.

Doing curly hair gives you the opportunity to choose between different sizes of curls. It can give you small, medium or large curls. Then, it also allows you to choose between different styles of curls, including tight curls, loose curls, and wide waves.

It is the ideal solution to restore tone to your curls and to have sublime hair. Curly hair allows you to be fashionable and attractive at the same time.

On what types of hair do make curly hair?

As mentioned above, making curly hair is suitable for all hair types. It is suitable for both frizzy hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. It can even be achieved on naturally straight hair, through the use of effective techniques.

As proof, the famous actress of Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh, for example, opted for a curly hair highlighted by a splendid red coloring and a square cut at shoulder length, separated by a parting in the middle. Blake Lively also showed off the ultimate disco-effect curly hair with voluminous curls and a chestnut-blonde tie-dye on long hair.

In addition, Yara Shahidi was also seen with curly hair coupled with a square at shoulder height and very dense curls for a successful vintage look. And finally, we must not forget Shakira, one of the greatest ambassadors of curly hair, who wears natural curls, without frills, braids, ponytails, or buns.


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Why making curly hair is so trendy?

It’s true! Curly hair is everywhere. Women wear it both daily and on special occasions. And here are the reasons for this enthusiasm.

Make curly hair to style your hair naturally

First of all, know that doing curly hair allows you to do your hair without going against the nature of the hair. There is no need to resort to methods such as straightening or straightening which are quite expensive, take a lot of time and risk weakening the hair. It is a question of exploiting the assets of the hair to display a beautiful hairstyle composed of sublime curls.

To save money

In addition, curly hair is also a better alternative to save on different treatments. There is no need to invest in expensive products, nor to go to a hair salon to adopt the curly style. You just have to choose the right method, a method that allows you to achieve beautiful curls yourself at home.

Make curly hair to be stylish and fashionable

Finally, curly hair is perfect to be stylish and to be fashionable. It is a hairstyle that you can customize as you like to flaunt an attractive look and change your look every day. Moreover, it can be paired with different outfits, both elegant outfits and casual outfits.

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How to make curly hair that lasts longer?

It’s true that using an automatic curler helps to achieve long-lasting curls, but if you follow the tips and tricks below, you can benefit from a longer hold.

Apply thermo-protective care before doing a curly hair

Before using an automatic curler, also consider protecting your hair from heat damage by applying a thermo-protective treatment. As you know, weakened hair does not hold a hairstyle for long. So, you have to give them a little boost to have pretty curls for several days.

Select the right options to make a curly hair

In addition, you must also select the temperature and the duration of shaping curls that suit the nature of your hair. Otherwise, the device may fail to treat your strands well and you may not be satisfied with the result. Logically, badly shaped curls from the beginning cannot stay on your head for long.

Wait for the final beep

You are also advised to wait for the final beep before removing your locks. Normally, your auto curler will sound out several short beeps before giving off a very long beep that lets you know your curls are ready. And ready curls mean perfect curls and curls that last a long time.

Do not touch hot curls

Another effective trick is not to touch your curls when they are still hot. Wait a few minutes for them to cool. Otherwise, you risk undoing them and degrading them.

Apply a fixing product to make a curly hair that holds

For longer hold, don’t hesitate to apply a finishing hairspray to your hair. This fixing product is used once your hairstyle is finished. It deposits a light veil, without leaving deposits and it is effective in keeping the style curly. It can even give volume to the hair while perfuming it with a pleasant scent.

If you don’t like hair spray too much, you can opt for a setting mousse. This treatment lasts extremely well all day and does not create a cardboard effect. It remains flexible while allowing the curls to keep movement and dynamism.

Finally, the last option available to you is the use of a seawater serum. This spray is slightly salty because it imitates seawater. It fixes your curls like after a day spent at the beach.

How to maintain curly hair?

After forming pretty curls with an automatic curler, don’t think that the operation is finished. You must take care of your curls on a regular basis so as not to see them disappear and to enhance them further.

Keep hair hydrated

First of all, always try to keep your hair hydrated to avoid frizz. Among other things, you can use a sulfate-free shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and nourishing vegetable oil. The sulfate-free shampoo is a mild type. So it won’t harm your hair.

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The moisturizing conditioner, on the other hand, helps keep your hair well nourished. Finally, nourishing carrier oils, including sweet almond oil and castor oil, can protect your hair from heat damage while providing a healthy dose of moisture.

Apply a revitalizing mask

In addition to these treatments, it is also suggested that you apply a conditioning mask to your hair once a week to keep beautiful, well-defined, soft, and shiny curls.

It is indeed the best way to fill up with vitamins and boost your hair fiber, but you must favor 100% natural and effective ingredients such as avocado, eggs, olive oil or honey to improve the health and beauty of your hair.

Dry hair with a diffuser

To maintain your curls, also consider drying your hair with a diffuser. Position the hair dryer under your hair and take a few curls in your palm without squeezing them. Then, accordion fold your hair as you dry it.

Brush hair morning and evening

Who says people with curly hairstyles can’t use a brush? You can style your hair perfectly using a boar bristle brush in the evening to distribute the scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair, to make your hair softer and shinier, and to keep your curls well drawn.

And the same goes for the morning, you must gently brush your hair to erase frizz and to redefine and even out your curls.

Accessorize curly hair

To vary your hairstyles on a daily basis, you can highlight your curly hair with hair accessories. For example, you can use a headband to gather your hair into a more even mass and to make it fall at the back of your head.

Otherwise, you can also make a ponytail with a hair elastic. On special occasions, you can also make a nice bun by holding your hair with a few clips. In fact, different types of hairstyles can be adopted with curly hair.

Keep a haircut suitable for curly hair

The last piece of advice is to keep a haircut suitable for curly hair. It is precisely necessary to harmonize the lengths so as to highlight the curls so that the hair retains a volume and a shape in coherence with the curly hairstyle. And there is also no harm in opting for a color to bring more clarity to the hair and enhance your curls.

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