The Factors Determining the Cost of a Self-Storage Unit


Are you looking to free up some space in your home or office but don’t have the funds or resources to contemplate a larger house or premises? Well, self-storage may well be the perfect solution for you because storage units cheap options make it entirely affordable. They are available for you to store whatever items that are taking up too much space and for giving you easy access to them whenever needed.

However, before deciding on self-storage, it is important to understand the various factors that determine its cost. In this article, we will discuss what these factors are so that you can make an informed decision when selecting self-storage options.

Size of Unit

First and foremost, the size of the self-storage unit you choose will have a major impact on your overall costs. The bigger the unit, the more expensive it will be. This means that if you are looking to store a large volume of items, such as furniture or boxes filled with books, then you may need to invest in a larger storage unit.

You have to consider leaving room for expansion but not more than you are ever likely to need because you will be paying extra for that privilege.

Always ask the company supplying the units if you need advice on how much a unit will typically hold and safely. There are rough guides, although there is no substitute for measuring, of course. Think about your largest item, perhaps a wardrobe, and then how much room items can take up if packed well together to save on space.


The location of the self-storage facility will also have an impact on your costs. Units located in more densely populated areas or closer to attractions may come with higher rental rates than those found in less desirable locations. If you are looking for affordable storage, it would be wise to look for options in locations further away from the city center.

Consider the level of security concerning the theft risks a particular area might pose. You will want, for instance, CCTV cameras in place as a deterrent and to record evidence should there be an attempted theft. To help keep items secure there will generally be restricted access so that only those with items in units will be able to access a complex. Coded doors will often be used.


The accessibility of a self-storage unit is also something to consider when determining costs. Units that are easily accessible and offer added conveniences, such as drive-up access or climate control, will cost more than those that do not offer these features. It is important to factor in the type of access you need when making self-storage decisions.

If you have awkward items, which might be why you don’t want them cluttering up your home, you will want easy access to drop them off at your storage unit and then when it comes to retrieving them again.


The duration of self-storage also plays a role in costs. Generally speaking, longer rental periods come with lower rates than those that are shorter term. It is important to consider how long you will need self-storage and factor this into your decision-making.

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We can rent a unit temporarily during a house move or while we decide what to do with certain possessions. If we know it will be for longer, we can agree on a reduced rate from the start. It is less admin for the company to have the same person rent the storage facility for longer rather than constant changes. The first month can be at a lower rate as an introduction that allows you to see if the unit is for you.


By understanding the various factors that determine storage costs, you can make the most informed decision when selecting self-storage options. Whether you are looking for short or long-term storage, it is important to consider these factors so that you can ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

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