Surviving ‘Bring your Kids to Work’ Day


If you work at a business that hosts a Bring Your Kids To Work Day, or if you work from home while also having to entertain the kids during the school break, this guide is for you: How to survive bringing your kids to work, inspiring them, entertaining them, and hopefully getting a bit of your to-do list done at the same time.

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Balance work and play

In Elf, Buddy sits in his dad’s office tasting coffee for the first time and making noise while Walter tries to work. To keep Buddy entertained, Walter sends him down to the post room, where all hell breaks loose. This is lesson 1: Don’t be like Walter.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day is a chance for you to show your kids what you do while also showing them the reality of working for a living. That means the day can be a lot of fun, but there might also need to be times where you work, and they’ll need to sit down and entertain themselves.

While you’re busy working, make sure to bring a few bits and pieces to the office for the kids. Throw a big bean bag chair in the corner of your office for them to sit on; you can click here for a wide range to choose from. Also, bring books, Lego, and anything else that might keep them happy while you finish up your emails.

Make it a day to remember

Bring Your Kids To Work Day isn’t just an ordinary day where you’ve struggled to get childcare and need to nip into the office for a few hours.

While you can’t make your office into a disco, you – and other parents in the department – can plan a few things to make the day memorable for your mini-me. These days are for those slightly older kids that might already have their own ideas about what they want to be when they grow up. Early on, a lot of us want to follow in our parent’s footsteps, and this day is your chance to show them the ropes. You can give them a fun tour, pack them an exciting lunch (or go out for lunch), and also make time for some playtime during the day.

If several kids come to work, you could host a day competition, with the winner being crowned Employee of the Week!

Create a plan

If there are different departments taking part, each area could host an event, workshop, or activity that the kids can do themselves throughout the day. That gives parents the chance to catch up on work for an hour or so.

End the day with a review

After a long day of work, your kids will need a sweet treat or two. So, while you’re diving into some ice cream or a few snacks on the way home, take the time to ask them what they liked, didn’t like, and what they learned. If your work hosts these kinds of days regularly, you can use this review time to make the next year’s event even more special.

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