Top Ways to Make Your Entertainment Budget Stretch Further


We spend a lot of money on entertainment. From eating out, watching films and TV, and listening to the latest album from your favorite artist, having an entertainment budget has become an essential way of managing household expenses. The problem is that nobody ever wants to sacrifice their own forms of entertainment, and that means the costs can quickly get out of control. The good news is that for every form of entertainment you currently enjoy, there are more cost-effective ways of enjoying them. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your entertainment expenses, then these tips might save you more than you think.

TV and Film

Cable isn’t dead yet, but it’s certainly in the throes. Internet streaming services are slowly taking over, and with big players like Disney planning to launch their own version of Netflix, it’s no surprise that the first thing to slash for those with an eye on their entertainment budget is their cable contract. Not only are they expensive, but they also mean that you have to deal with the frustration of actual adverts! They even interrupt the TV show or film to show you things to buy! That’s no way to watch a film, which is why Netflix has become the king of the internet.

Switch to a streaming service or subscribe to a live option, with Sling TV and PlayStationVue being popular choices. Check how much you’ll save when you cut the cord. Your bank balance and sanity will thank you.

Cutting money on music

For music lovers, no price is too much. Thinking about a world without music is quite horrifying, but if you’re paying to see your favorite bands on a regular basis, as well as your Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube subscription, then the combined costs can soon add up. If you want to save some dollars when it comes to live gigs, the trick is simply to go for a smaller scale. Don’t buy tickets to packed concert halls. Support your local talent and watch them in whatever venue they’re playing in this week. You might be surprised.

For music on the go, cancel the Spotify and iTunes subscription, and use to record an mp3. You can get your favorite tracks straight onto your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet, and you don’t have to pay a cent. If the choice is whether you can afford food for the family this month or whether you can afford to blast the latest album, always cut the entertainment expense first.

Eating out

As one of the most popular ways for us to spend our leisure time, dining out is also one of the most expensive entertainment activities. While it’s a simple solution just to cut out the whole restaurant visit option, it is nice to be treated to a prepared meal on occasion. Manage your budget to allow for that expense,and there’s no real need to cut it completely. Gift cards, coupons, or even special offer nights are easy ways to reduce your restaurant bill. Remember that, very often, it’s just as easy and a lot less expensive, to recreate the restaurant experience at home. The money that you might spend on a meal for two in a restaurant can easily buy you the ingredients for an exciting new dish, and a good bottle of wine to go with it.

Our entertainment is essential, especially if you spend most of your time at work or juggling the demands of a family. Cutting your entertainment costs doesn’t mean limiting your entertainment options. It simply means cutting out the needless expenses and looking for cheaper ways to access your favorite activities. Cut out the unnecessary costs, and your bank balance will be much healthier as a result.


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