5 Steps to Take When Ageing Parents Need Help


Caring for your ageing parents is a tough responsibility. Often, you may be unsure of the right options that will help keep them healthy and happy. However, the sooner you figure out their needs and take charge of the situation, the less overwhelming it will be in the long run. These five steps will ensure proper care and support is provided to ageing parents in need of help.

1) Need Assessment

Assessing your parent’s everyday needs will help establish the existing gaps and what should be done to keep them safe and healthy. Key areas to focus on are:

  • Level of family support required
  • General home safety
  • Their medical needs
  • Their level of mobility
  • Their nutritional needs
  • Social needs

A clear knowledge of these aspects will help understand their situation and the type of service required. Carry out this assessment at earliest to help settle for solutions that are sustainable and beneficial for both of you.

2) Involve Them and The Entire Family

You must engage all relevant family members into this process. Their input is essential. Besides, things will be easier when every relative knows what they are expected to offer. Ensure you include your parents into this decision making process. Even though your course is good, they might be resistant if not brought on board. We all want to be in control of our lives. Thus, a gradual approach and constant involvement can get your parents the right support and help accommodate their wishes.

3) Evaluate Their Financial Health

Caring for your ageing parents will require substantial finances. Analyzing their current and future needs in relation to cost will help you prepare better. Check their financial situation. Figure out the type of care they will likely need in years to come. Check if they qualified for elderly care programs. Remember, it is vital to plan at the earliest. It prevents one from getting into emotionally draining situations at an old age.

4) Ensure Improved Communication

It’s common for seniors to feel isolated and lonely. This can have adverse effects on their overall health. Provide a conducive environment and avenue where your aged parents can communicate with family and friends with ease. You can get them a user-friendly mobile phone or where necessary a wearable medical alert device. It’s a reassuring way to call for help whenever needed.

5) Explore Various Senior Living Options

Various factors will determine the type of care you give your ageing parents, such as their health and medical needs, your availability and the cost of care. According to Jane Byrne, project manager at a nursing home in Kildare, “Analyzing all the options at your disposal early enough will ensure proper planning and arrangements. Seek the right consultations where needed.” For instance, get a doctor’s help if your parents require special medical care or an attorney if you need to organize any paperwork.


Start preparing as soon as you notice your parent’s age is deteriorating. Engage them into an open dialogue, reach out to relevant professionals, and you will have an easy time caring for your parents and taking over their finances. However, ensure they have some sense of independence. It will help improve their physical and emotional well-being. Most importantly, you need to be in the proper physical and emotional state to take good care of your ageing parents.

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