St Louis Solutions – Whether Moving or Staying Put


When living in the vibrant metropolis of St Louis, also known as “the Gateway to the West”, it can be a difficult decision to move. So, why move if lack of space is the reason for your decision? We can still marvel at the iconic Gateway Arch and free ourselves of clutter, instead of moving to a larger house by renting a self storage facility. It is all we need to take care of a growing family. Then as our family continues to grow, we can just rent a larger storage unit for everyone’s items they have accumulated and want to hang on to.


When we have children, they will accumulate many toys. This is because they grow out of them. We, however, do not grow out of the memories that they provide us with. We want to keep them but just do not want them around our feet each day. So, what we can do is to put them in storage away from our house. They are then not completely forgotten but conveniently kept somewhere else.


It is the furniture that will take up the most space in a house. Families can end up inheriting furniture that they cannot bear to part with, yet it is either too old-fashioned to fit in with their more modern house needs or just surplus to requirements. I mean, how many wardrobes do we need? Okay, quite a few if we are into fashion. Others, though, might be more practical or minimalist in their approach to life.

Furniture is considered the most common item that is put into storage. That is because of how much room it takes up and the difficulty of disposing of it sometimes. Mostly, people will not want to. Particularly if it is a period piece of furniture that has some history attached to it.

Other Items

So, what other items can a storage unit take care of? The answer to that question is: pretty much anything. Larger units will house vehicles if we have a vintage car that we are trying to preserve but only drive at certain times of the year when the weather is nice.

Large household appliances can be put into storage. This might include spare televisions. Widescreen TVs can take up a lot of space when not fixed onto the wall. Householders will update to the latest technology, but then not part with the other technology while it is still useable as a spare. We would not want to be without a TV, for example, when it was the holiday season. Christmas is, after all, when all the best movies are shown.

Books and magazines can take up a lot of space yet are difficult to part with when they provide the source of much information and amusement. It is good to be able to house safely a pile of magazines that are all from the same series. This can include childhood comics. These are very collectible in some cases and so you would not want to sell unless able to obtain the very best price for them right now. Even if your children have given you the go-ahead to sell them for whatever you can get.

Pieces of artwork will find their way into storage units because we run out of wall space. Art is a personal taste and this is something that can change. If we get together with a different partner then we might find their taste is different from ours or we can simply change our taste over time and want something very different from what has been looking at us daily as we have woken up.

In conclusion, we can now understand how storage facilities become useful whether we are in the process of moving or staying put. There are so many items that we could put in them that would help us out. They provide us with the flexibility to not have to make a quick decision on what to do with our precious items. This can invariably be the wrong decision in many cases and so have us regretting the decision later. There are no regrets with storage solutions, however, and we can only embrace the idea to make living more comfortable as we clear our minds of clutter and make everywhere easier to walk past and clean.


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