How a Son has Made his Mum so Proud Through the Aid of Early Intervention


It’s a Friday afternoon and your favourite time of the week. You have finished doing your part time job online, and your young boy will be coming home shortly from school. Your husband will arrive from work, and you can all enjoy a family weekend together.

You couldn’t be much happier, or a prouder mum. But it was less than a year ago, that you were filled with stress as you were receiving worrying reports from school about the academic difficulties your youngster appeared to have. You are so glad that you turned to early intervention to help his progress and improve his future.

What is early intervention?

Early intervention is a way of identifying and providing effective early support to children and young people who may be at the risk of poor outcomes as they progress in life. When carried effectively it works to prevent problems occurring, or to tackle them when they so that they don’t become worse. Its aim is to create personal strengths and skills which will benefit the child in later life.

Why you chose early intervention for your child?

Your friend has a young girl who suffers from cerebral palsy who benefitted hugely from finding a company on the website that has been a huge benefit to her and helped her mum to understand and reduce stress. The same company also aids those struggling through autism spectrum disorder, global development delay, down syndrome, ADHD/ADD and difficulties in reading and decoding. You have taken it on yourself to do something after reading how to help children learn through play.

How does it work?

The right early intervention service will provide highly qualified clinicians who are skilled in using use contemporary Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention (EIBI) techniques based on the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). This work achieves positive outcomes for the child while actively involving the parent or parents in their development.

EIBI uses various methods to interact with the child which include verbal behaviour, play coaching, discrete trial training, learning how to read, and natural environment and incidental training. ESDM is a type of behavioural therapy for those children with autism aged between 12 and 48 months. You might have some special plans as a family at the Olympic Park over the weekend.

Is it expensive?

All the programs from the company who have been so helpful in the development of your son are fully funded by the NDIS, a scheme of the Australian Government that funds the costs associated with those with a disability, which was legislated in 2013. This means that it is of no financial burden to the parents if an application is successful.

It is a life changer

The change in your young boy has been immense since he has become the beneficiary of the early intervention tailored specially for his needs. He now loves going to school and has caught up with the other members of his class, offering him the pathway to a great future as a young adult in years to come.

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