5 Small Home Improvements Ideas (including One for Santa’s Helpers)


As a busy momma, finding time for home improvements is a tough one. Between looking out for, feeding, and chasing after the kids, there’s precious little spare time.

For this reason, we’ve got 4 small improvements that don’t take forever to complete. Also, we’ve included one task where Santa’s helpers, aka ‘an outside contractor,’ should be hired to do it for you.

Deal with Old Plumbing Issues

Whether you’ve got leaky faucets, low water pressure, or other plumbing-related concerns, you’ve probably tried to ignore them for the last few months. However, as a good plumber would surely advise you, they won’t usually go away on their own.

While they won’t necessarily show up in a Santa’s helper costume – these are serious people with wrenches and work boots – they’ll be there to help which is the main thing! Rather than risk a disaster over the winter season, it’s best to get any holdover plumbing situations resolved earlier rather than later.

A reputable plumber like Maplewood Plumbing can lend a helping hand. Plus, if there are any surprises, they can let you know.

Replace Some Lights & Fixtures

Replacing some older fixtures such as the overhead lighting pendants or switching to a different lighting fixture can create a different look in that part of the room.

When switching to eco-friendly bulbs, they often don’t look their best in the existing fixtures anyway because the bulbs are enlarged. Therefore, it’s a great time to be energy efficient while picking some new lighting fixtures that perfectly accommodate the new choice.

Also, if you don’t already have them, swap out light switches for dimmer controls. And if you want to impress from the sofa, then use smart bulbs, which can be controlled from a mobile app (they can change color too).

Make Better Use of Corner Spaces

The corners of rooms go unused. It’s wasted space that can be better utilized.

Considering adding a corner rack storage unit. These are ideal for holding little knickknacks, a mini collection of books, or for quick access to little essentials.

Add a Trim to the Walls

Adding a decorative trim as a molding where the bottom of the wall meets the floor acts to accentuate the room. They add a touch of class if you’re wanting to “style up” your home.

These kinds of materials are purchasable from a home improvement or DIY store. The color choice largely depends on how busy the colors are in the rest of the space, including the furniture. A useful trim can serve to accent and stand out. Its depth depends on the desired impression with thicker ones being more pronounced.

Fix a Stubborn Vinyl Door/Window

When you have a vinyl door or a window that keeps sticking when you go to open it, then it’s an annoyance that’s been accepted for too long.

The quick solution here is a can of PTFE lubricant, which comes in a dry spray. Just spray it over the affected area at the point where the issue keeps occurring. Remove any excess with a dry cloth. Avoid using oil-based solutions because they don’t play nice with vinyl and pick-up dirt quickly.

Many small fixes are possible in your spare time. Don’t expect to look for outside help with everything but do know when a task is too much to handle.


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