7 Simple Halloween Makeup Tips and Ideas


You don’t have to be a pro in makeup to create the perfect Halloween look. Just a few strokes here and a few lines there, and lo and behold, you transform into a vampire or zombie or whatever you like!

The secret to the perfect look lies in the quality of makeup. So, invest in good makeup, probably vegan and cruelty-free. You don’t want your skin to get the permanent Halloween look after the big night, do you?

Here are a few tips for makeup to create a sensational look this season.

1) Go bold

Halloween isn’t the time to be mild and docile. Be bold. Bring out the animal in you. Yes, indeed, do animal prints on the face. Either be a leopard or a cat, whatever, but be fierce.

For the black cat look, either use the darkest shade of foundation or use black paint. Wear yellow contact lenses. Don’t forget the whiskers.

Those who want to keep with their human spirit should use the boldest colors for the lips and the eyes. Use bright eye shadows. Choose rich pigments for lips. Matte or gloss – your choice.

Do matte lips and then drip some gloss over your lower lips. Let it drip down your chin.

2) Be unique

Use your artistic skills to create a unique makeup look. How about doing some abstract painting on one side of your face? Let the other side stay in monochrome. Use bold paints on one side and a mild pastel shade on the other.

3) Shimmer and beads

They are hot this season. Outline your lips with tiny beads. Before that, moisturize your lips well, fill them with color. Then do the outline. You can also outline your eyes.

Use lots of shimmer at the corners of your mouth. Use a makeup sponge to apply shimmer.

4) Create the rainbow

The rainbow look is hot. Do whatever you like – paint your eyebrows in rainbow or apply rainbow colors in eyeshadow or create rainbow lips. Choose anyone to create a focus of attention.

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5) Go monochrome

Be the ice baby. Wear blue hair wig, blue lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and apply blue shimmer lightly on your face and neck. Brush blue powder on your eyebrows. Apply white mascara for the frosty appearance. Complete the look with matching blue dress and shoes. Don’t forget to paint your nails an icy blue!

Go mean green. Same as above. You can extend your green look to the arms and cleavage area too. Use a makeup sponge to blend the color well.

The trick to going monochrome is matching everything exactly. Use the same shade of the color.

6) Drawings on the face

Change your face through drawings. You could become a clown or a cat or a funny lady through drawings. Use black eye liner for this.

Change the shape of your lips bizarrely. Create a pointed look at the bottom lip by extending the center, or give two extensions at the upper lips.

You can do the same with eyes. Extend your eyeshadow in a pyramid shape on the upper lids. Let them go beyond the brows. Do the inverted pyramid at the lower lids.

7) Black and White

Paint your face white. Use black eyeshadow and surround your eyes with black darkness. Use black lip color. You can also keep your lips white.

Another idea is to use only an outline of black on your white-painted face. Outline your eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips. Fill your lips with white.

You can extend this look to the arms and the chest.


Happy Halloween!

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