6 Signs That it’s Time to Change Jobs


It’s been quite a while since you’ve been working at your current job, and do you feel that your motivation is gradually disappearing? Maybe things aren’t challenging enough, or you feel like you’re no longer going the way you want them to be.

Even if you’re happy with your job and have built great relationships with your colleagues, this shouldn’t be an obstacle to your new career challenges. Let’s take a look at the six signs that tell you when to leave.

1) I am Often Stressed and Tired.

Do you feel heavier on your way to work and often annoyed and depressed at work?

These symptoms appear when there is a lot of stress. It’s a kind of warning sound that your body sends when you’re tired of work and daily life. Stress affects the mood and immune system, causing a decrease in physical strength due to a cold or lethargy, and it can also reduce the ability to perform tasks. If this is not addressed, more serious health problems may arise.

If it’s signaling that your body is exhausted, it’s a good idea to take a moment to understand the cause of your stress.

2) I Don’t Believe in the Company as Much as I Used To.

When you just started working at your current job, the future is full of possibilities, and you must have been proud of yourself as part of the company. However, as time passes, you may notice changes in the office atmosphere unlike before, and you may feel that the belief or trust you had in the company is not the same as before.

When the company’s strategic decisions don’t suit you, the change in management doesn’t lead the corporate culture for the better, or when you have doubts that the company’s values ​​and your own values ​​are no longer in line, it’s time to look for a new company. May be.

3) I Keep Looking at my Clock During Business Hours.

In the past, have you been passionate about how to achieve results during the day, and have you volunteered to work overtime by taking on additional projects? But lately, don’t you look at the clock often during business hours, wait only for the time to finish, or think that it would be nice to receive the least amount of work?

Employees have the right to work in a workplace where they feel passionate about their work and develop their individual competencies. If business hours aren’t motivated, it may be that the company isn’t giving its employees a chance to grow, or that they don’t have the right skills development options in place. If you are in a hurry to get time out of your work rather than progress, this is a sign that it’s time to start looking for another job to rekindle your passion.

4) The Job Does not Match my Personal Interests.

Many office workers sometimes do things they do well, but they don’t particularly like. For example, if you currently want a marketing job, but your job is software sales, or if you want to go out and meet a customer, but you are good at using computers, you sit in the office and work.

You can’t always do the things you care about, but it’s natural to want your personal interests and jobs to be similar. However, it is difficult to bridge this gap as your career lasts longer by choosing a job that is different from your interests. Also, as time passes, many times you realize that it is a job that doesn’t suit you. “The only way to do great things is to do what you love,” Steve Jobs said. If you haven’t yet found what it is, keep exploring. Don’t settle down.” This may be your chance to look back on your interests and see what you can get from your efforts.

5) It feels Like A Sack of Barley That you Cultivated.

Do you feel that your opinions and contributions are not appreciated? Are you missing out on a promotion or important project, and your relationship with your team members isn’t as friendly as it used to be?

At work, we spend a lot of our day-to-day work with team members each week, so it’s important that each team member feels encouraging and working with each other as a valued member of the team. If you try to win the recognition of your team members but do not improve, it is better to look for a company that can recognize your value with a spirit of challenge.

6) You Are in Charge of a Task That Falls Short of Your Own Ability.

It can sometimes be difficult to admit that you are undertaking a job that does not meet your abilities because you like the company or because you get along well with your colleagues. However, staying there simply in loyalty or reluctance to change can lead to a loss of motivation in the long run.

Sometimes a company may not have the resources or business opportunities to adequately grow its employees, or may have reached a point in which progression is possible only after a job change in one’s career.

If the above situations seem to be your story, don’t be afraid to explore new options.

If you have decided to change your job after answering six questions, it is time to find out what corporate culture suits you. Most job seekers miss out on the importance of corporate culture while reviewing their jobs, salaries, and welfare.

Let’s find out how to successfully grasp corporate culture.


Before considering your corporate culture, it’s important to know what kind of work environment you want. Think about the corporate culture of the company you’re working with before or at the moment, and try to figure out which areas were the most satisfying and what was not. Once you have the type of corporate culture you want, start analyzing the companies you are interviewing for.

-Review of Corporate Website

Most startups are working hard to manage websites that specifically show employees, organizational codes, and core values. This is a great way to help companies understand which principles they value most and what competencies they want from applicants. Also, companies are using photos that can show the atmosphere or working environment in the company through their homepages. Posted photos are a great way to show applicants corporate culture.

-Use of Social Media

Another way to understand your corporate culture is through social media. Through recent posts on social media, you can check internal activities, employee events, company-related content, and the latest news.

-Face-to-Face Interview

When interviewing, it is also a good idea to get an idea of ​​the corporate culture through the atmosphere of the interviewer and the office. It is a good idea to check the atmosphere of the company you applied through interviews and that employees are working happily. In addition, visiting the office in person will help you understand the values ​​and culture of the company.

An on-site interview is the best way to get a feel for your business. Interviews allow you to observe how employees interact and work, and to understand the atmosphere in the company. Whether employees work collaboratively with each other, or usually sitting at a desk alone, can be checked through an on-site interview.

-Ask a Question

The final step in getting an idea of ​​your corporate culture in advance is to ask yourself about your work environment in an interview. Please use the questions below.

  • How is your Corporate Culture?
  • Who is the Closest Employee to Work After Joining?
  • What are the Key Competencies you Need to do Your Job?

These questions will help you figure out if your company is right for you and where you can work for the long term.

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