Best Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

save money on weddings

According to Martin Luther, a German theologian professor:

“There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage”.

This quote is enough to know the crucial value of a good wedding. As a wedding is one of the most special days of one’s life, a person desires to have a wonderful ceremony without getting totally empty pocketed or going into a significant amount of debt on his/her head. Through proper forethought and planning, you can not only save money but also mesmerize your spouse and guests through the unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Just follow the given tips and yet make people astonish.

1) Guest List:

The premier thing to consider in planning a wedding is a guest list. It’s a common fact that the more guests you invite, the more rise will occur in your spending budget as you’ll need more food and catering, invitation cards etc. Going for less guests can save you huge money so try to cut the guest list and invite necessary people, relatives and colleagues.

2) Wedding Venue:

Choosing a smart location can save you quite a lot of bucks. You need to make contacts with your friends and family to need advice in finding a low price venue. Booking a single place for the function and reception will not only save you from paying multiple sites expenses but will also spare your transportation charges between the ceremony and reception.

3) Invitations:

This is one area where, deciding wisely, you can relatively save money. Instead of hiring the services of a pro, just by using your computer, printer and inventive calligraphy, you can produce enthralling digital wedding invitation cards which will surely reduce your expenses.

You can also consult your friends who the artistic taste and is good with creative designs.

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4) Food and Beverages:

Instead of providing a whole bunch of varieties limit the number of drinks. Mixed cocktail drink and soda can surely save instead of providing a full bar. Offer green tea in winters as it costs less and also suppresses the appetite.

Food can cost differently in different parts of the world. For example quality sushi in California, conventional barbeque in the Carolinas or Texas, and baked lobster in New England all cost less than in other parts of the United States of America. So choose your menu wisely.

5) Decoration and Flowering:

Although it’s the dream of every girl to have flowered as beautiful as paradise on her wedding, choosing beautiful yet low-priced flowers and bouquets will gravely attract everyone’s attention. You need to intelligently decorate by using a lot of greenery and plants. By the assistance of your friends and family, the decoration can be carried out without the help of professional decorators. All you need is a little creativity and past observation of wedding ceremonies.

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6) Music:

A musical band can charge you a lot. So bringing a singer who can play an instrument like a piano and guitar will lower your expenditures. A DJ can also be a good and low-cost replacement for a live band while still enthusing the crowd. You can also invite your musical friends who can play the instruments and entertain the guests to their full.

A wedding is a beginning of a new era in a person’s life and is tied in with commemorating a unique day with your companions and family.

These tips will surely save money but on the other hand, starting your married life on a good note is what really matters in the end and the rest is simply icing on the cake.

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