3 Big Tips For Saving Money During A House Renovation


We all love those home renovation shows on TV, and want our own homes to look their best. Even the biggest novice though will know that the renovations that catch our eye the most and the ones we’ll want to emulate ourselves come at a price.

The cost factor is one that deters us from starting on our own renovation projects, but with a bit of research, such as reading articles like this one, can show you that you can achieve results that are very pleasing to the eye for just a fraction of the cost of what you might see on your TV screen.

Reuse Materials Where You Can

One of the biggest costs (besides labor) in a renovation is the cost of materials. Luckily, with a bit of left-field thinking, it can also be the area where the biggest savings can be made. So, before you throw all of the old stuff out – you need to stop for a moment and ask yourself if there is any you can reuse or repurpose in your new project.

Once you get into that way of thinking, the savings become obvious. For instance, once you realize that most kitchen cabinet carcasses are the same regardless of how they look with a door on the front, you’ll soon discover you’ll only need to replace the damaged ones.

Even if you are remodeling your kitchen entirely, you’ll see that there are plenty that can be moved to a new location or just reused with a new shiny door on the front or lick of paint.

Repair Rather Than Replace (Especially Leaky Roofs)

It may look like it’s falling to bits from the outside, but, unless you’re an expert your not going to know for sure. So, before you spend time and money on work you might not need to get done, you should certainly consider getting a reputable local tradesperson to take a look to see if can be repaired rather than replaced.

This is especially true of exterior problems with roofing and walls as engaging with an expert can also save problems down the line, as well as suggesting a cheaper and less invasive solution than getting the sledgehammer out.

So, if you’re doing anything from looking for roof repair options in Louisville, to getting your cladding repaired in Cleveland, the advice here is to consult a professional before taking drastic – and probably unnecessary – action.

Mix High And Low-End Materials And Pieces

This is also known as using an ‘association piece’ and can leave the right impression at a lower cost. For example, you could use slightly lower quality (but still perfectly acceptable) kitchen cabinets throughout your kitchen renovation but by topping it all off with a high end ‘name’ refrigerator, the eye is drawn to that and onlookers assume the rest of the room is also high end.

Another area where this can be employed is by using high-end light fittings in a room or even just replacing the current lightbulbs with their ‘Edison’ equivalent.

By using these three tips you can take the edge off of the renovation costs. They might not save you a fortune, but they might make the difference between you being able to start the project, rather than have you looking at the same tired old walls for months to come.

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