Romantic Gift Ideas for Any Occasion


Mention romantic gifts and Valentine’s Day in the same breath, and certain images should definitely be racing through your mind. The cheese factor is high: red ribbons, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and red long-stemmed roses abound.

We do love some sappy and lovey gift-buying and may even feel it mandatory to ensure one or two super clichéd items are unwrapped on Valentine’s Day. But let’s dig a little deeper and acknowledge that a surprise romantic gesture on any other random day holds significant weight.

Rather than playing the ego-stroking, “who can gift the largest bouquet of roses” game, share your love and care for your partner with these romantic gift ideas. And yes, have some fun with it, too. Mix and match some cheesy clichéd items with more thoughtful gifts.

Local Night Away Spoils

Be sneaky and check your partner’s calendar. Then, book a night away, either a solo spoil or a night for two. Anything from a cozy small Airbnb an hour away in the mountains or along the coast to a luxurious hotel stay. Must-have features to tick include a luxurious bath, comfy linen, and a view.

Add a few personal touches by slipping a handwritten love note into their overnight bag. Or inject some spice into their day by purchasing that little adult pleasure toy they’ve been eyeing and sneak that into the overnight bag, too.

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Sexy Lingerie for Her

Now, we totally agree that it does take a deeper level of thought to gift sexy lingerie than it does a bouquet of flowers. Still, of course, she’s totally worth the extra effort. Consider what makes her feel good, lacy or silky. Flaunting her skin and curves or a more subtle approach.

Choose between revealing teddies, cute and sexy baby dolls, or a sensuous chemise. With so many options and super convenient delivery and returns services from Yandy, all that’s required from you is to shop for the best sexy panties or seductive lingerie you know your partner will love.

Spice up the Evening with Couples Games

Some gifts are best enjoyed together. You’ve found the all-about-your-partner gift, but now you need to add a few extras. A brief search online reveals an exciting abundance of couples games aimed at turning up the heat for a romantic evening. ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ are ideal games to get to know each other on a deeper and naughtier level. Additionally, play ‘Exploding Kittens,’ but every time someone loses, they have to remove an item of clothing. Even a classic game of UNO can be pulled down the naughty road by adding a different rule or action by the winner of each round.

Classic Colorful Tulips

Giving a bouquet of classic colorful tulips is a timeless and romantic gesture that is sure to make your loved one feel special. Tulips are a symbol of perfect love and are often associated with passion and romance.

When selecting tulips for your romantic gift, you can choose from a variety of colors, each with its own special meaning. Red tulips symbolize true love, while pink tulips represent happiness and confidence. Yellow tulips are associated with cheerfulness and friendship, while purple tulips convey elegance and royalty.

Massage the Stresses Away

We all love indulgent pampering, where we relinquish control and rest in the skillful hands and body of a masseuse. Give your partner some sensual spoils and book them a spa day, including a full body massage.

How about booking a sensual massage workshop together where you both learn how to massage each other’s body in just the right places to give them the relaxation and pleasure they deserve? It’s a fabulous way to spend some romantic and memorable time together and add to your pleasure-giving skills.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt Time

With a few clues set up around your home, send your partner on a mini adventure of discovery. Combine one or two of the gift ideas we’ve already mentioned with some super cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts. We’ll leave the details and length of the scavenger hunt up to you and your level of sexy and naughty. But be sure to keep it personal with handwritten clues and notes of adoration and love.

Indulge Your Partner in Some Romantic Spoils

Balance the deep and thoughtful with a touch of sexy and playfulness. Whether it’s a solo night away, some sensual massage magic, or sexy panties and bras, get excited about giving your partner a thoughtful, romantic gift.

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