Rejection of Spouse During Pregnancy

feeling rejected by husband during pregnancy

Some women develop resistance to their mates during pregnancy. If you want to know why you feel this way, keep reading. This article is about the phenomena faced by many women. Feeling rejected by husband during pregnancy.

Rejection of a spouse during pregnancy is common. Many women feel aversion to their spouse or some of their characteristics during this period. We want to share with you the reasons for this reluctance and what you can do to make your pregnancy go well with your spouse in the best possible way.

There are no studies that have revealed the rejection of a spouse during pregnancy. But many women actually experience this.

From the first few weeks of pregnancy, women begin to experience a series of physical and psychological changes. The chest enlarges, the uterus stretches, and general symptoms such as mood swings, nausea, and vomiting appear. However, in addition to these pregnancy symptoms, some women feel a sense of rejection towards their spouses. The intensity of this feeling varies from person to person and may be severe or mild.

Some women feel that they need more physical and mental connection with their spouse, while others begin to feel uncomfortable with their spouse’s attitude. In some cases,  the mere existence of a spouse feels uncomfortable.

Now, suppose we are experiencing something like this. So, why do people feel repulsive to their spouses during pregnancy? Is there any logical explanation for this phenomenon?

There are no studies that have revealed the rejection of a spouse during pregnancy.

Again, no studies have found why some pregnant women feel this way about their partners. But despite the lack of evidence, experts believe hormonal changes may be the cause.

We all know that pregnant women experience a series of hormonal changes, such as increases in progesterone and gonadotropins. It’s probably because of these hormonal changes that some of your spouse’s attitudes, or even the very existence, make you feel uncomfortable.

How to Control feeling rejected by husband during pregnancy

Try talking to your spouse to solve the problem.

Things get difficult when you feel rejected by your spouse during pregnancy. It’s hard for us to put up with, but it’s hard for our partners as well. In this case, we need to acknowledge our own feelings and at the same time take into account the feelings of our partner. Continued refusal can seriously hurt your spouse.

If you are experiencing this situation, try speaking with your spouse in an open and mature manner. Explain how you feel and what is happening, and let them know that it is something you have no control over and that it is happening against your will.

Second, you need to think about your feelings. Did those feelings haunt us today? Are there legitimate reasons for such annoyance? If you simply can’t stand your spouse’s chewing noises right now, you need to understand that it’s not a serious problem and it’s not a long-term relationship problem.

Analyze what you are feeling and why you feel those emotions. In many cases, we may realize that we are exaggerating the situation, or that something is actually affecting us.

The situation of the person being rejected

feeling rejected by husband during pregnancy

Be patient and remember that this will soon pass.

If you’re the one being rejected, be patient. Of course, I know that the current situation is not comfortable and simple. But still, take a deep breath and don’t take that rejection personally.

Keep in mind that your spouse is going through a series of changes due to pregnancy and will need help and companionship, even if they continue to reject them. Usually, this reluctance does not last throughout pregnancy, but only for a few months.

It is also a good idea to see a doctor if you have any other questions. Ideally, you should talk to your doctor about these situations. Your doctor can recommend individual or couple therapy, or simply give you a more precise explanation as to why this reluctance is occurring. In any case, with patience and love, you will be able to overcome this situation as a couple and as a family.


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